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  1. We need your feedback!

    Could we have somewhere to discuss Kamen Rider? I know this is a PR and Sentai-themed show but I'm going to feel awfully funny if I place my Kamen Rider fanfictions in Ranger Re-write.
  2. Spd: Bridge's Gloves

    Like K Dragon Ranger, I do believe it is a privacy issue but I have it privately written in my Alternate Universe season notes for SPD that Bridge has issues with people actually touching his hands and so keeps them covered until he needs them.
  3. billy in overdrive?

    I'd sure love it if he was...Then April could compare how ugly he is to his pics in MMPR while I yell at her to shut up!
  4. Alex vs. Wes

    Hey, that's not fair! Alex would probably get his ass handed to him by Jen if he misbehaved. LOL
  5. Alternate Power - Messageboard

    I think so..
  6. Alternate Power - Messageboard

    Both actually.
  7. Alternate Power - Messageboard

    What this forum is about is modifying a series or making your own.
  8. Alternate Power - Messageboard

    Are you tired of Disney's bull crap with PR? Wanna make an alternate PR Reality? Then come to Alternate Power and let's have some fun!! Alternate Power?
  9. Shipper Episodes

    I could help if you need it....
  10. Ranger Groups

    LOL...Mainly it's to lead discussions, lend an ear to those who have ideas and referee when need be. But I think Redfan still wants to be leader of the WF group.
  11. The dream thread

    No weirder than my dreams...Every night it's a different PR actor and hot fudge...mmm! (LOL)
  12. Ranger Groups

    Definitely, redfan and I get the PR romance group, lol. I'm a big kid.
  13. X-Men:TLS deleted scenes and alternate endings. Spoilers

    I don't think it has the extras like it does on the single copies
  14. What if Alex was the quantum ranger

    Eric was played by Daniel Southworth. Jason Faunt played both Alex and Wes
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