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  1. We need your feedback!

    Could we have somewhere to discuss Kamen Rider? I know this is a PR and Sentai-themed show but I'm going to feel awfully funny if I place my Kamen Rider fanfictions in Ranger Re-write.
  2. Navyninja interview

    My favorite seasons are Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm, the first half of RPM and DinoThunder. Sentai-wise, Gekiranger, Kyoryuger, Kyuuranger and Boukenger Kamen Rider: Build, Wizard and Gaim.
  3. Navyninja interview

    I do but the thing is I've got to put them on my phone. They are not on my phone directly. I currently know sorry, goodbye, hello, and anyway in Japanese. Still learning the rest. I was a member of RangerCrew and the funny thing is I didn't know they'd shut down the premium board until I came here. I miss my old RPG's to be honest but those are archaic by now.
  4. Navyninja interview

    I've recently gotten a good job and still continue to write. I'm also on the qcing staff at TVNihon and I'm still trying to learn Japanese. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Ireland/Scotland. I loved the trip.
  5. Navyninja interview

    Hi, I'm Navyninja, I used to be Dekapurple in 2005. I still sporadically enjoy Power Rangers, though my obsession is currently Super Sentai / Kamen Rider.