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  1. Dekapurple

    We need your feedback!

    Could we have somewhere to discuss Kamen Rider? I know this is a PR and Sentai-themed show but I'm going to feel awfully funny if I place my Kamen Rider fanfictions in Ranger Re-write.
  2. Dekapurple

    Navyninja interview

    My favorite seasons are Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm, the first half of RPM and DinoThunder. Sentai-wise, Gekiranger, Kyoryuger, Kyuuranger and Boukenger Kamen Rider: Build, Wizard and Gaim.
  3. Dekapurple

    Navyninja interview

    I do but the thing is I've got to put them on my phone. They are not on my phone directly. I currently know sorry, goodbye, hello, and anyway in Japanese. Still learning the rest. I was a member of RangerCrew and the funny thing is I didn't know they'd shut down the premium board until I came here. I miss my old RPG's to be honest but those are archaic by now.
  4. Dekapurple

    Navyninja interview

    I've recently gotten a good job and still continue to write. I'm also on the qcing staff at TVNihon and I'm still trying to learn Japanese. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Ireland/Scotland. I loved the trip.
  5. Dekapurple

    Navyninja interview

    Hi, I'm Navyninja, I used to be Dekapurple in 2005. I still sporadically enjoy Power Rangers, though my obsession is currently Super Sentai / Kamen Rider.
  6. Dekapurple

    Happy Halloween!

    I'm serving coffee and hot chocolate at my church's trunk or treat this year.
  7. Dekapurple

    Spd: Bridge's Gloves

    Like K Dragon Ranger, I do believe it is a privacy issue but I have it privately written in my Alternate Universe season notes for SPD that Bridge has issues with people actually touching his hands and so keeps them covered until he needs them.
  8. Dekapurple

    billy in overdrive?

    I'd sure love it if he was...Then April could compare how ugly he is to his pics in MMPR while I yell at her to shut up!
  9. Dekapurple

    Alex vs. Wes

    Hey, that's not fair! Alex would probably get his ass handed to him by Jen if he misbehaved. LOL
  10. Dekapurple

    Alternate Power - Messageboard

    I think so..
  11. Dekapurple

    Alternate Power - Messageboard

    Both actually.
  12. Dekapurple

    Alternate Power - Messageboard

    What this forum is about is modifying a series or making your own.
  13. Are you tired of Disney's bull crap with PR? Wanna make an alternate PR Reality? Then come to Alternate Power and let's have some fun!! Alternate Power?
  14. Dekapurple

    Shipper Episodes

    I could help if you need it....
  15. Dekapurple

    Ranger Groups

    LOL...Mainly it's to lead discussions, lend an ear to those who have ideas and referee when need be. But I think Redfan still wants to be leader of the WF group.