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  1. Super Sentai

    yup it's still going on with Kyuranger as we speak as Mesogog said but their next season will start next month. yea neither can I not to mention the majority of stuff that Power Rangers uses is what Toei uses so Saban Brands would have to make everything from scratch whereas all they have to make from scratch at the moment is Ranger suits and a few other suits as well as sets.
  2. Are Power Ranger Toys on your Christmas list?

    Always. Astro Ninja Steel Megazord, Legacy figures, villain figures and the Power Rangers movie along with some other older items that will probably be tough to find.
  3. Power Rangers star still hopeful of a sequel

    I didn't mind the darker tone. I actually don't remember that scene with Rita killing a guy but I thought she was pretty brutal with invading Trini's personal space by going into Trini's room and on top of which she tried choking the life out of her. I do agree that some of the stuff was a bit much. I do agree that the sequel should plant the seeds for future teams but also characters and villains the question is how they would handle Zeo since in their universe removing the Crystal would cause the destruction of the planet.
  4. Power Rangers star still hopeful of a sequel

    I agree that regardless of the movie underperforming I still think a sequel should be made just because of the movie and merchandise sales. I think Tommy being a female would be fine BUT if they go with that then they need a male partner for her much like they would need a female partner for a male Tommy. I think it'd be nice to break the trend by having 3 male Rangers and 3 female Rangers. as am I. I wasn't exactly crazy about the movie due to some of its problems but it was a decent movie that deserves a chance at a sequel.
  5. Introduce yourself!

    I couldn't tell LOL I knew it was you even before your other post admitting it but thanks for the welcome
  6. Introduce yourself!

    I didn't see this thread on the day that I had signed up but I thought why not? I might as well introduce myself. Name's Matt I reside in Northeast Ohio and I'm currently a co-Admin over at PRangerX's Power Rangers Online message board.
  7. Power Morphicon 2018

    I wish I could go but I can't since it's in California and I'm not a fan of flying plus on top of which the con and a hotel would be expensive.
  8. yea I completely agree who cares if a 5-year old brings a doll of any kind to school to Daycare, to Nursery or even to School? She's 5 those young kids have to be comfortable and it's not hurting anyone as long as it's an appropriate doll or bear or whatever.
  9. No doubt about that since having a cast that got along would've made things that much better and it would've translated to the screen just as well and I completely agree I'd like to see a Jen and Wes reunion on Hyperforce as well but I don't think they would have enough screen room for them since the screen is already cramped up enough with Vesper, Chloe, Eddie, Jack, Marv and the Game Master.
  10. That's interesting to hear how well they got along but I think we heard how well they got along back then as well but it's nice to have confirmation from 1 of the cast members themselves granted I doubt they always got along since they were working with one another for so long that you're bound to have issues but yes that last question is a good point I think some of us would like to see Jason reprise his role of Wes for Hyperforce but they probably won't go to another Time Force Ranger until they can get other teams out of the way.
  11. Do you like Ninja Steel so far?

    I'm kind of iffy on this since there are some things I like but then there are other things that I don't like. I do like Cosmo and Odious but other than those I really don't care for the villains and in the case of the Rangers I do like them it's just more some of their Ranger stuff that I don't like such as the individual zords and the Ninja Steel Megazord as well as its related modes but the Bullzord, Robo Rider and Lion Firezord are fine as well as their related modes including Bullrider's combo with the Ninja Steel Megazord. I also don't like the whole school thing not to mention I can't stand Victor and Monty.
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