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  1. MattSarah

    Super Sentai

    yup it's still going on with Kyuranger as we speak as Mesogog said but their next season will start next month. yea neither can I not to mention the majority of stuff that Power Rangers uses is what Toei uses so Saban Brands would have to make everything from scratch whereas all they have to make from scratch at the moment is Ranger suits and a few other suits as well as sets.
  2. MattSarah

    Interview Mesogog!

    What made you decide to embed the Twitter list?
  3. MattSarah

    Are Power Ranger Toys on your Christmas list?

    Always. Astro Ninja Steel Megazord, Legacy figures, villain figures and the Power Rangers movie along with some other older items that will probably be tough to find.
  4. MattSarah

    Dino Charger! Energize! Kendra's Interview

    You make it sound like you're offering yourself up as a sacrifice LOL but anyway why don't I keep things on the theme of Power Rangers? How long have you been into the show?
  5. MattSarah

    Power Rangers star still hopeful of a sequel

    I didn't mind the darker tone. I actually don't remember that scene with Rita killing a guy but I thought she was pretty brutal with invading Trini's personal space by going into Trini's room and on top of which she tried choking the life out of her. I do agree that some of the stuff was a bit much. I do agree that the sequel should plant the seeds for future teams but also characters and villains the question is how they would handle Zeo since in their universe removing the Crystal would cause the destruction of the planet.
  6. MattSarah

    Power Rangers star still hopeful of a sequel

    I agree that regardless of the movie underperforming I still think a sequel should be made just because of the movie and merchandise sales. I think Tommy being a female would be fine BUT if they go with that then they need a male partner for her much like they would need a female partner for a male Tommy. I think it'd be nice to break the trend by having 3 male Rangers and 3 female Rangers. as am I. I wasn't exactly crazy about the movie due to some of its problems but it was a decent movie that deserves a chance at a sequel.
  7. MattSarah

    Interview Mesogog!

    Let's continue the theme. Which Battlizers (please don't say the Inspector Gadget one LOL) were your favorites?
  8. MattSarah

    Interview Mesogog!

    Out of the zords and Megazords you've seen which were your favorites?
  9. MattSarah

    It's Morphing Time!! Interview with MattSarah

    I forgot to answer this part of the question but you're welcome to merge it into my previous answer if you want to I couldn't edit it into the post in time and if you do merge it then I was going to put it after "before I was truly hooked" BUT it would've started a new line. My favorite seasons would have to be Space, Galaxy, Time Force, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force and RPM. Space because of the finale pretty much wrapping things up including some emotional scenes with Andros technically killing but reviving Karone and then truly killing Zordon for the ultimate sacrifice at his request. Galaxy mostly because of the original Magna Defender, the Lost Galactazords, Kendrix "dying" and the return of the best evil team ever. Time Force because of Jen, Circuit, Ransik and Eric I thought it was interesting how Jen, Ransik and Eric all had different stories and I also thought it was interesting how Circuit was the Rangers' only link to their time. Wild Force because of the Master Org's story but Taylor and Animus were awesome characters sure Taylor was a jerk in the beginning but that gave her character due to her jealousy basically there was a lot of jealousy going on in the season and as for Animus I thought it was cool how he only mostly came around to fight the Master Org since he knew what the stakes were at that point in time. Dino Thunder because of Mesogog. Mystic Force because of Solaris Knight, Wolf Warrior and the Ten Terrors I thought it was interesting how the Ten Terrors originally appeared to be Giant and I also thought that it was interesting that all of them were supposed to follow the Rules of Darkness. RPM mostly because of the whole End of the World thing.
  10. MattSarah

    It's Morphing Time!! Interview with MattSarah

    Good questions. I've been watching Power Rangers since either around 1993 or 1994 it's kinda hard for me to remember which year it was since I don't really remember what ep it was that I saw first. I was in what one would probably call a grade school (but it was a Catholic one so most teachers were Nuns) but anyway I didn't know anything about the show but I had went over to my best friend's house one day and he ended up watching the show and got me hooked on it but not right away. His name is Mike and it took me probably until the 2nd ep before I was truly hooked. What keeps me watching the show? Looking at the pretty women is one of the big things but another one of the big things are the zords I mean what isn't cooler than some of their zords? My only offline hobby is playing video games.
  11. MattSarah

    Introduce yourself!

    I couldn't tell LOL I knew it was you even before your other post admitting it but thanks for the welcome
  12. MattSarah

    Introduce yourself!

    I didn't see this thread on the day that I had signed up but I thought why not? I might as well introduce myself. Name's Matt I reside in Northeast Ohio and I'm currently a co-Admin over at PRangerX's Power Rangers Online message board.
  13. MattSarah

    Interview Mesogog!

    My turn. Out of the seasons that you've seen which were your favorites?
  14. yea I completely agree who cares if a 5-year old brings a doll of any kind to school to Daycare, to Nursery or even to School? She's 5 those young kids have to be comfortable and it's not hurting anyone as long as it's an appropriate doll or bear or whatever.