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  1. Zeltrax


    So what every one into? I mainly listen to rock/heavy metal. But lately, have been listening to Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. But my favourite band is Iron Maiden, seen them 3 times.
  2. Zeltrax

    Hurricane Florence

    Stay safe guys. Cat 4 isn't it?
  3. Zeltrax

    August Update

    Also how about if we have a welcome page to welcome new members?
  4. Zeltrax

    August Update

    Can't we advertise the site that related to the Rangers on youtube? Maybe message the person who owns the channel first?
  5. Zeltrax

    Power Rangers Unworthy

    Just came across this fan made, it' awesome.
  6. Zeltrax

    Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Trailer

    Been out of the Ranger fandom for years, this looks good and what is it about?
  7. Zeltrax

    Does Power Rangers excite you anymore?

    I think it needs to be more serious, instead being childish if that makes sense. I haven't seen the Rangers in years, but it needs to be more like the latest movie.
  8. Zeltrax

    What was your favorite season of Power Rangers?

    MMPR 01 -03 In Space Galaxy Time force Jungle Fury Mystic Force RPM Movie 2017 I thought it was good and looking forward to the 2nd SPD Lightspeed rescue Operation overdrive is blah
  9. Zeltrax

    What are your favorite intros?

  10. I really like this idea, nice to see Time force come into as it does make sense.
  11. Zeltrax

    Heroes Discussion Thread

    awesome ep last night peter blowing up the city. I doubt it lol. But they be a lot of twist and turns in the next ep. Mr bennet is getting more evil by the minute. by the way. I already created a heroes thread, it seems to be deleted for some strange reason.
  12. Zeltrax

    The switch

    Yeah I've notice that too. But theirs one thing thats bugging me is that theirs no introduction thread and i think its messing up the General board mainly.
  13. Zeltrax

    Heroes- thread

    Agree. Hiro is my favourite so far.
  14. Zeltrax

    WTF?? Is it true?

    Darn..........Shame...........Darn! I would diffently buy the movie if was true.