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    So what every one into? I mainly listen to rock/heavy metal. But lately, have been listening to Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. But my favourite band is Iron Maiden, seen them 3 times.
  2. Stay safe guys. Cat 4 isn't it?
  3. Just came across this fan made, it' awesome.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ3-APxaX0Y
  5. Been out of the Ranger fandom for years, this looks good and what is it about?
  6. I think it needs to be more serious, instead being childish if that makes sense. I haven't seen the Rangers in years, but it needs to be more like the latest movie.
  7. MMPR 01 -03 In Space Galaxy Time force Jungle Fury Mystic Force RPM Movie 2017 I thought it was good and looking forward to the 2nd SPD Lightspeed rescue Operation overdrive is blah
  8. I really like this idea, nice to see Time force come into as it does make sense.
  9. awesome ep last night peter blowing up the city. I doubt it lol. But they be a lot of twist and turns in the next ep. Mr bennet is getting more evil by the minute. by the way. I already created a heroes thread, it seems to be deleted for some strange reason.
  10. It turn out awesome bethy. You always awesome at doing these.
  11. This sound interesting. Will you be doing a fanfic of this?
  12. So. Im glad everyone is liking this fic. Gives me the chance to go further. Things will be getting a lot interesting in the next few chapters. Sorry about the Rangers fears being rush. I had to think fast for some of them, but I hope they be alright with you lot. And its a long a one by the way lol. Please feel free to comment. ......................................................................................................................... Chapter 5- Fear into your hearts part two Syd rushes through the Command Base. She stops and see the Commander looking at her funny. ?Just let me get my breath back, sir? She kneels down trying to catch her breath. ?Wolf fear as took, the remaining ranger, commander.? The Pink Ranger gets back up from kneeling down. ?Kat done a scan, but can?t find them anywhere. I think they be in a another dimension. We must find this Demon as soon possible, but it won?t be easy? Doggie walks away and pushes a few buttons to try and find the missing Rangers. The Moon. ?I?m surely you brought me a surprise.? Ivan was anxious in his throne. The Wolf fear kneel down. ?Yes my lord. I have brought the Ranger for you. They in my dimension. You can look into the Viewing Globe. Wolf Fear brings a crystal ball from his coat. ?You see? He raises it up so Ivan can see. ?You fool. You only capture four, Rangers. Least we only got one left anyway, should be easy I suppose. Now go and put fear into their hearts.? Ivan leans back into his throne and see?s Wolf fear disappear. Bridge was walking around in a dark room and trying to communicate with the others. ?Damn it? Bridge screams. ?Bridgy, oh Bridgy.. Long time no see?? Said a voice in the darkness. Bridge fear ?Who-s their?? Bridge stuttered as he was nervous. ?Surprise? A clown figure stood in front of him. ?Do you like my costume?? The clown squeezes his red noise . Bridge ran off screaming while the clown follows him. Sky fear ?Can any one hear me at all?? Sky closes his morph and puts it back in its pocket. ?Man where am I? Sky walks around a misty place. He sees a figure fighting a bunch Krybots. He rushes over and jumps in the air, does a few low spins kicks. Leaving the foot soldiers on the ground. ?Thanks. I be fighting this guys for years. What?s your name?? ?Sky Tate. Sir?? Sky shook the Red Ranger hand. ?What?s, yours?? Sky was hoping if he would give him an name. ?I can?t really tell you Im afraid. But I can tell you that. I know what your greatest fears are.? Leaving Sky shock on what he just said. Z fear Z was also in a dark room. She looks around and see the light. ?Mama, Mama? The kid was crying. Z walks over to pick the baby up, but it was still crying which was making Z more stress. She starts to tap his back gently, knowing this may him stop crying. ?I?m a bad, mother, I can?t do this.? The fear was taking her over mind as things get more complicated. Rob fear Rob was also walking around in the dark room. He kept walking around until the darkness faces away. He saw his dad again . ?Dad? Rob was shock to see his Dad their. ?Yes it me. I?m here to help you. To get rid of fears? ?What fears? I don?t really have any?? Rob insisted. ?You have fear of losing me.? SPD BASE. After a quick scan on the main screen. Kat was pushing a few buttons to locate Wolf Fear. ?Doggie I have found him? ?Good work, Kat.? He was happy that she found him. ?Syd I know this will be tough for you, but I wish you well. Now suit up? Syd got her morpher from behind her pocket and opens it up and shouted? SPD EMERGANCY? She was now the Pink Ranger ?Hold on guys. I?m on the way? The Pink Ranger thought. Knowing she get her friends out in time Bridge?s fear The clown was still chasing Bridge. The Blue Ranger stop. ?You know, what I have enough of being chase around by a clown. I have no FEAR over you. I have no FEAR over you? Bridge kept on saying this until the Clown disappears. Z fear ?Pull a grip its just child.? Z thought as she was still holding the baby. ?I won?t be a bad mother.? The baby stops crying knowing that he or she will be safe. Rob fear ?I know this past month as been tough for you, but you know you be strong. You shouldn?t have fear of losing me? Andros was saying the positive side of things. ?The reason it is because. I don?t wanna be a on my own. I won?t be able to handle things the way you do. I?m a rubbish son and a rubbish Boyfriend.? Robs fears were kicking in as he knelt down and punches the ground. Andros went over to him and puts his hand on shoulder, hoping that this would realise his fear. In the city Syd found the Wolf Fear. She quickly slashes him. ?Let my friends go?? She yelled and went straight into a fighting stance. ?You will never get them back? The Demon laugh evilly tormenting Syd. ?I found his weakness. Break his necklace? Kat announced over her morpher Wolf fear and ran straight to Syd punching her in direction while she block each and punch. She breaks free from the grid lock. Kicks him in his shins and manages to pull of his necklace with force. ?Got it? She said pleasing Sky fear ?So you going to tell me on who you are then?? Sky want to know. ?If you wish? The Red Ranger de-morph. ?Your me? Sky looks confuse. ?Everything that happened this year. Your fear is losing the team, you don?t want them to see them destroy. Look out for them. Look after them. Don?t be the big boss. Learn to relax.? The room, starts to fade away and the remaining Rangers were back in the reality. ?Well done Syd? Said Sky as he was pleased to be freed, ?SPD EMERGANCY? The rest of Rangers shouted. ?Lets bring the weapons together.? The Pink Ranger ordered, noticing the Demon was running in a coward way. The Rangers then fire at the Wolf Fear. He fall down to the ground and exploded. SPD Base ?I can?t believe your fear was a clown. Bridge? Z was laughing. ?It was my 6th birthday party alright. I was still a kid. It really scare the crap outta me? Bridge was still being tormented over it. The Commander came into the room ?I really glad you all safe Rangers. Thanks to Syd she really came through for you guys? Sky went over to Syd. ?Thanks. We owe you one? Sky was trying to be positive guy. Kim walks in the base. Everyone looks shock to see her their. ?Hey Kim. What brings you to SPD?? Doggie was surprised to see her. ?Well. I d-on?t know where to start.? kim looks pretty shaken up and was upset. ?It?s ok. You can tell us? Doggie walk Kim to a chair while the rest of the Rangers listen in. ?It?s Tommy he missing? Kim starts to crying hoping the rest of the Rangers will help her find him. Next time on Power Rangers SPD/ Ivan returns Two brothers escape from ko-35 prison. And reck havoc on Earth, giving Ivan and headache over his new dealy plan. A mystery Guy appears. Will he be good or will he be bad? Find out next time on Power Rangers
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    Yeah I've notice that too. But theirs one thing thats bugging me is that theirs no introduction thread and i think its messing up the General board mainly.