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  1. Balthazar


    Just watched the Sony conference, very dull, I have been looking forward to a resident evil 2 remake for the longest time but something was just off with the trailer.
  2. Balthazar


    Yes the Shenmue masters will be fantastic. I'm hoping we get a release date soon.
  3. Balthazar


    I was not expecting Battletoads, 20 years later the rage returns haha. I hope snake highway returns on it, even better I can introduce my son to the rage. It is pretty much the cycle of life, my childhood was spent not being able to defeat battletoads now my son can spend his childhood not being able to beat battletoads. Think highlight of the show for me was devil may cry 5 though, proper dante is back. Looks like the game is going to be a combo of Nero and dante again, wonder of its still jyb voicing him.
  4. Balthazar

    Cobra Kai

    This show was shockingly good, I honestly did not expect it. Loved all the nod backs. Miss Mr Myagi though.
  5. Balthazar

    Hasbro aquires Power Rangers

    Calling it now, Hasbro shared universe. Transformers teaming up with power rangers. I believe they own He Man aswell.
  6. Balthazar


    Man to think I was 7 when pr started
  7. Balthazar

    How to feel old

    So today I managed stumbled across one of my old VHS tapes in the attic and my son proclaimed thats a weird looking door stop....... Managed to make me feel old. Then made me think damn, he will never know tapes, blockbusters, dial up tones or arcades. I wonder if this is how our parents felt when we were kids!
  8. Balthazar

    Nintendo Switch

    I have an xbox one aswell, game pass is turning out to be microsofts greatest idea for me. However the switch is just more convenient for me with life and all that.
  9. Balthazar

    Nintendo Switch

    I will send you my friend code when I get home from work. Between now and July far too many games coming out that I want. To name a few are Hyrule Warrior South Park Gal Gun 2 Dark Souls Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Captain Toad Crash Bandicoot trilogy Mario Tennis. I am sure i missing a bunch more games that I want. I think Nintendo merging its console and handheld into one was the best decision they have made in a long time. Cannot wait for pokemon on switch later in the year aswell.
  10. Balthazar

    Nintendo Switch

    I have a switch, its my main platform of choice, at the moment I am playing Kirby Star Allies when I finish this plan on starting the coma uncut.
  11. Cannot wait for this, comes out on my birthday.
  12. Balthazar

    The Problems With Power Rangers Continuity

    I actually think the problem in the UK as outside hardcore fans you never hear it being discussed. Children here never mention PR and toy space is very minimal, I spend quite abit time in toystores these days with my children and nothinf pr related jumps out. I actually think its a shame the movie did not do better than it did as it was a great franchise reboot point i thought.
  13. Balthazar

    Next president of the United States

    So who ever won this?
  14. Balthazar

    Star Trek Discovery

    Yes he appeared in it 3 or 4 times. Wont say how though as that would spoil the story however it was only a very minor part.