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  1. What was your favorite season of Power Rangers?

    From least favorite to most favorite - seasons: (Super) Megaforce Operation Overdrive Turbo (Super) Samurai Ninja Storm DinoThunder Mystic Force Space Patrol Delta Jungle Fury Wild Force R.P.M. Time Force Lightspeed Rescue Lost Galaxy Zeo In Space MMPR S02 MMPR S01 MMPR S03 I have not watched Dino(Super) Charge or (Super) Ninja Steel, so I can't judge on how good those seasons are. From least favorite to most favorite - movies: Movie 2017 (it sucked) Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie
  2. The Problems With Power Rangers Continuity

    For me, Power Rangers ended with RPM. I consider everything from Samurai onwards to be made for a new target audience. Seriously, no-one is going to make a TV show for 20-year old or 30-year old people (or older) who grew up watching it and became fans some 20 years ago. That's why I think that us, older fans should just keep the classic Saban and the Disney seasons close to our hearts and minds and just pass the torch to the new audience members. Life goes on and new shows come along the way whenever television programming is in question.
  3. Well, Super Sentai has been getting weirder and weirder with their Ranger suit designs lately. I have seen some Kyuranger clips on YouTube and the suit designs look wired, plus each Ranger in that season has a different Ranger name as if they belonged to several different Ranger teams. It's strange. The Sentai producers had had enormous success with Shinkenger, then with Gokaiger and then some other seasons that were obviously made with just their own audience in mind. It's clear they are sticking with that concept. And with Lynn being in charge of the writing/producing for Power Rangers, I think we just might see Super Sentai and Power Rangers go separate ways soon, because both are trying to be original and both are trying to tell a story with a theme that might work with/for their individual audiences. If Saban went for Go-Busters, I say that's great. Go-Busters was a great season and a great follow-up to Gokaiger. Plus it did some PR nodding. I wonder how they are going to adopt the Buddyloids since they played a major role in that Sentai season. It'd be nice if they left Beet J Stag in. We could finally see the first robot Ranger in action during a whole season, instead of just 1 episode.
  4. Major Update 2/14

    Link to old account sent. This sure brings up some good memories.
  5. The future of Power Rangers

    Going back to the seasons being tied together better might require Saban to bring out more money and that's not happening. MMPR had 60, 52 and 43 episodes in its individual seasons, Zeo had 50 and so on. Anything from Lightspeed to Wild Force had 40 episodes and anything NZ-produced under Disney was also a single-year season. So to get the seasons tied together better, PR would need to go back to single year season format, which means the series would either need to give up the 40 episodes format and go back to the 32 episode format in order to ensure better continuity connections and the team-up episodes between the current and previous year's team. That's not happening either because so far, the Nickelodeon contract has been working for Saban pretty well. The team-up spot has been taken over by the "Super" part of the seasons. It makes the show more affordable to produce. Plus there's Nick's "20 episodes per season" rule. So unless Saban finds another network which would be a good outlet for Power Rangers that would allow for the show to go back to a single-year season format, I don't see continuity being maintained, at least not the way it used to be. But that's also something called "Clash of the Red Rangers" and "Legendary Battle", which are both MINI CROSSOVERS, but it's still better than nothing.
  6. Introduce yourself!

    Welcome back, PRE! mihandj/mnikolic from the old board here - who stayed trough all the vB/IPB form software changes, even though most of them - at least for me - were always a surprise and even many versions of PRE, like OddEmpire and Henshin Empire. I wish for PRE that it gets a 100th member soon, and after that, we'll see... All the best!
  7. Pr Mess Ups With Sentai Footage

    Actually,all 5 rangers got their Thunderzords in ''The Mutiny,Part III'' after Alpha located the remainings of the original Dinozords after Lord Zedd stripped them of their powers. Thunderzords were only introduced in ''The Mutiny,Part II''. If Jason would have gotten the Red Dragon Thunderzord in ''The Mutiny,Part III'' and other Rangers wouldn't have gotten theirs,they wouldn't be able to form the Thunder Megazord in the same episode. I think you got this one totally wrong...
  8. Did This Used To Be Ranger-Forums?

    No,this was always,it is always going to be Power Ranger Empire and it's not even similar to what Ranger-Forums used to be.It's different from it...a lot. Yes,Ranger-Forums was another forum,it was on VB forum software too,but not as successful,popular and active as Power Ranger Empire is. However,there is replacement for Ranger-Forums,and all Ranger-Forums ' member accounts were transfered to over there: http://www.ranger-retrocenter.com/forums/
  9. Pr Mess Ups With Sentai Footage

    Hey,you're right!The Rangers used the Megazord already in ep 1 of MMPR! Good find!
  10. The PR History Quiz

    I got six questions wrong out of 20.That's OK,isn't it?
  11. Stargate

    I'm a big fan of Stargate SG-1 too.SG-1 absolutely rocks!
  12. What Language Speak You?

    Well,I speak Serbian,Slovenian,English and a little German too.
  13. Bring back a team?

    Well,after reading Inui Takumi's post,I really would love to see the original MMPRs back.The main reason would be to put an end to some parts of the MMPR storyline that didn't get a ending: 1. Dragonzord. What has happened to him? Could he be used again if somehow connected to a new power source? 2. What about the Ninja Zords and the Shogun Zords?Tommy became a scientist/school science teacher between PRT and PRDT.I know he said in the beginning of Zeo that the Ninja and Shogun Zords were gone,but...he could at least try to find them and learn of their current status. 3. What has happened to Billy after he moved to Aquitar in Zeo? 4. We hadn't heard of Aisha since ''Hogday Afternoon,Part II''.This would be a great and the right time for us to hear from her again. 5. It wound be nice if we'd heard from Kim and Kat as well. We didn't see the actual scene in the Turbo Movie where Kim,Jason and Tommy settle the things out.And what had happened to Kat after Turbo? Yup,MMPR should be ended properly.
  14. Bring back a team?

    I would bring back the following teams: 1. Lost Galaxy. I would LOVE to see how the LG Rangers and the people of Terra Venture are doing on Mirinoi. Also,I would like to see Leo,Kai,Damon,Mike,Maya,Karone and Kendrix finding the remaining parts of the Lost Galactabeasts (Zenith,Stratoforce,Cantaurus). 2. Wild Force.I wonder if Jen and Wes somehow became a real couple. 3. SPD. The SPD-fight era after Grumm. 4. Mystic Force...you know...Nick and Maddie scene at the end of the last MF episode...I'd like to know how it actually continued. Maybe I would bring back MMPRs too,just to see how are they doing these days, especially Billy,Kim,Kat and Aisha.
  15. Power Rangers In Space: What Do You Think?

    When I've seen Power Rangers In Space for the first time,I thought it was a good season.But then,I started to re-play some of the season's episodes in my head and I said to myself: ''I REALLY HAVE TO SEE PRiS AGAIN!''.And I did.I downloaded the entire season in HQ from the internet and played an episode after another. It was then that I have released that PRiS is the best PR season EVER.It had a awesome plot,characters and storyline.I dare to say that PR is never getting a season like that EVER AGAIN.That storyline was original.Fresh.Cool. When I saw the second episode of PR Lost Galaxy,I know there was going to be a PRiS/PRLG team-up because of the Astro Megaship.I like how they brought it back for LG.And it came really handy to the Galaxy Rangers.
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