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  1. Mnikolic

    August Update

    Let's hope Hasbro will eventually get some established actors/actresses who will eventually become the supporters of the franchise or if Hasbro manages to push some now to-be-cast members around following their role in Power Rangers, maybe it'll help the franchise as well. Maybe the show becoming union again will give the boost that the franchise needs. I mean, why not give a chance to those cast members who right now, because of the Union rules, can't appear in the show? I say bring them back and use their existing characters to wrap up some plots and storylines from the past. Then use the same cast members and give them new roles, since it's been confirmed that PR is a multi-verse series. Or just go the path where the union cast members show up in the series playing new roles. Start with that and then work their old characters in. There are a million possibilities on how to improve Power Rangers. The only problem may be... the finances and of course, even if the show goes union again, some actors/actresses STILL won't be willing to come back because of various professional and/or personal reasons. Of course, hiring an all union main cast would also help a lot. PRE needs a power boost, but that power boost can only come in the fandom expands and becomes stronger. Primarily, the show needs to get back on its old track - to the 40-episode per year format. Team-ups included. It needs to start doing original theme songs for each new season, needs to get good soundtracks to go along with a specific season's theme. It needs better writers and people who actually will care about it. Without that, PRE and other PR/Sentai-based sites/boards have no chance to even dream of remaining online in the long-term. The days of just adding new features, skins, content etc. have long since passed. I remember back in the day, you would do an update to PRE and even if it would be a small(er) one, the activity on the board would break the roof. Even old threads that would be inactive for a couple of months would get bumped although it would be against the forum rules back then. PRE needs that kind of activity and overall interest in it. However, everything depends on the franchise itself. It needs breakthrough plots, characters and storylines that will bring a complete overhaul to it. It needs to attract new audiences, audiences that will stick for at least the next decade, if not more. It'd be a good idea if PR went back to the primetime again. That would be a good start and I'm sure it'd help. Also, shorter breaks between episode batches of a singe season wouldn't be too much. Long story short: if the franchise returns to its regular shape, PRE and other PR/Sentai-based websites/boards have a chance. Otherwise, we can pretty much do what we want, but it won't be enough and it won't have the desired effect. If it doesn't have the desired effect, all we can do is close shop for good.
  2. Mnikolic

    August Update

    You did the right thing by removing the unecessary features. There's social media now, so Gallery isn't really needed anymore, except if you bring it back so members can share their experience with their favorite PR/Sentai cast members from all those events. Plus anyone can make millions of screen-shots from the TV show and the movies, not to mention that a lot of pictures featuring both PR and Sentai can already be found all over the internet. The same goes for the video sections, if PRE's members don't share their own videos with the cast or even the crew members in them, it makes no sense keeping those mods. Not sure about the cubs mod, I never used it. PRE needs to be put out there. It needs representatives and advertisers to go to Comic Cons and similar events. It needs to do Cast & Crew Interviews on-spot. Just advertising it on social media sites and other websites & forums is not enough anymore.
  3. I just wish they would've been able to find a way to make a full Goseiger adaptation first and do Gokaiger since it would give them the necessary time to get everyone they wanted on board for the Ranger cameos, license Ranger teams (as per JDF), get the movie footage rights for the 199 Hero Battle and just do a better anniversary season overall, with a mixture of footage from the movie itself and original footage for the LB itself. The Megaforce Rangers should've already been Veteran Rangers by the time the Legendary Battle took place and it should have been an entirely separate Ranger team in the Gokaiger suits leading the whole thing. Anyway, I'm going to give this anniversary episode a chance and if it's good, I'll find a way to watch the full Ninja (Super) Steel season and give it a try so I can make my own comparation between how Saban and Hasbro do certain things for the show and then, if Beast Morphers turns out good, maybe I'll give the franchise one last chance.
  4. Mnikolic

    The Hasbro Era

    If they manage to get the season splitting/Supering dropped and by the chance, turn Power Rangers back into its old self (at least back in its Disney-era form), I positive that the franchise will do good under them. But for the start, let's just hope that Hasbro gets the old 40-episode per season format back, because that's one of the more important things that Power Rangers has been missing out on for more than a decade. Not to mention that we've drastically fallen back from the Sentai, we are no longer just 1 season behind, plus we've skipped some and now we've gone back to adapt the season that was supposed to be adapted after (Super) Megaforce.
  5. So basicsally everything would be different, with only the Zeo Crystal and Dino Gems being the only things preserved from the original timeline, along with a MMPR/DT team member combo? That sounds cool. But I'd rather come up with a plot where Time Force would have to figure out who would be the members of versions of the Ranger teams prior to and after our Time Force season in the new timeline. The TF Rangers would manage to track them down before they're chosen and give them information and instructions on everything. Of course they would not be listened to, however, this would make Alex go really evil on everyone and try to kill every potential/future Ranger. After being successful of killing portions of various future/potential Ranger teams, the remainder of the potential/future Rangers eventually regroup and form an elite organization after a few of them witness the killing of the Time Force Rangers. Somehow they would get to the research of the killed "to-be" Rangers and the killed Time Force Rangers and figure out how to find & combine the Zeo Crystal and Dino Gem technologies together, which would give the 2 MMPR Rangers and 3 PRDT Rangers the powers that you mentioned, this enabling them to form the first official Power Ranger team since Alex had begun killing potential/future Power Rangers. Also, it'd be better to save the Ranger timeline pulling ability for the end of the story (as in for the final battle) against Alex and have a "Legendary Battle" type of ending, but better-executed. Just go with the available potential/future Rangers from the new timeline after Alex had destroyed Ninjor and all of the Power Coins, which would eventually include the Dragon and White Tiger Coins. I'd not change the rest.
  6. I like your idea. This should definitely get made into a separate multi-season spin-off. BTW, I'm also (albeit slowly) getting ideas for a PR's crossover with another franchise.
  7. Mnikolic

    Saban Brands is shutting down

    AlwaysARanger85 posted on Ranger Crew that Hasbro has plans for future PR movies (here's the link to the actual post). Looks like they are planning to take the franchise seriously, although the article itself does not say anything about the TV series.
  8. Mnikolic

    What are your favorite intros?

    My Top 10 - From top to bottom: 1. MMPR S1 with Tommy 2. MMPR S2 with original cast and with Tommy as either Green or White Ranger 3. RPM 4. Zeo 5. In Space 6. Lightspeed Rescue 7. Jungle Fury 8. Time Force 9. DinoThunder 10. SPD Mystic Force's Intro was good, but does not even begin to compare with what came before it. Overdrive's Intro was too rushed, especially towards the end of that season, when Disney tried to get as many shots to be a part of it as possible. RPM was a totally a different caliber of PR season, that's why I gave it spot no. #3 instead of the MMPR Intro with Kat. Oh and like you said, but with different words - Saban gets an "F" for the intros from Samurai onwards. Dino Charge tried to do something new and it does sound great, but enter Ninja Steel and there's another full "Go Go Power Rangers" re-hash.
  9. Mnikolic

    Saban Brands is shutting down

    As per this announcement, as a part of acquiring Power Rangers, Hasbro has acquired Saban Brands as well. 60 employees will be laid off due to the closure. As for the Saban Capital Group - that will still remain in operation. Current rights (Saban Brands - created or owned) Beetleborgs Cirque du Soleil Media Cubix Emojiville Kibaoh Klashers Masked Rider Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty VR Troopers Digimon (all seasons except Digimon Adventure tri and Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters.) Former rights (Saban Brands - created or owned) Sonic X (currently by Discotek Media) Power Rangers (currently by Hasbro) Glitter Force (currently by Toei Animation) Treehouse Detectives (currently by Hasbro) My Pet Monster purchased from American GreetingsTCFC, Inc. (currently by Hasbro) Popples purchased from American GreetingTCFC, Inc.[56] (currently by Hasbro) Luna Petunia (currently by Hasbro) Julius Jr. (currently by Hasbro) Saban Brands will be dissolving this Summer. However, Saban will still act as an consultant for the Power Rangers franchise. This news was already shared by other PR forums, such as PRO, RangerCrew and RangerBoard (I'm assuming, because I can't seem to get on it for some reason).
  10. Mnikolic

    Correcting the Power Rangers canon

    Unrealistically thinking: The only way (in my opinion) to correct the cannon is to create a season dedicated to correcting the cannon. Start the season with the plot of the various Power Rangers Multiverses being altered by a new powerful foe who wants to wipe the Power Rangers from existence and make sure the United Alliance of Evil (from PRiS) succeeds in conquering our Galaxy in all Multiverses. Establish that all the seasons (except R.P.M.) are in a single multiverse, which is later established to be the main one. Have a mentor-type of leader bring a new Power Ranger team together and later, bring in some Rangers from previous seasons (at least 1 PR cast main member from each season) to wrap up some long-running storylines and end the season with a proper version of Legendary Battle where the veteran Rangers actually give a crap about stuff rather than just standing in the crowd and look worried and alerted/alarmed. Maybe have the season show various versions of some Rangers in various Multiverses just to make the whole thing more interesting. Use the various Multiverses concept to fix some of the potholes from earlier seasons. Maybe even have various versions of the same Rangers present at the final battle against the main villain or selection of versions of the Ranger characters from every season from various Multiverses and the final episode(s) explore how they function in the final fight together. I say go all out and make the new LB episode a 2-hour movie all 199 Heroes movie, just without the Pre-Zyu and the core 5 Dairanger teams. Bring in Ninjor, Auric, Blue Centurion, original Magna Defender, Titanium Ranger, Sentinel Knight and Spirit Rangers in suit-only just for the heck of it (well, maybe have their original actors just do the ADR or just use the ADR from their own seasons). Have the Veteran Rangers actually aid the new PR team in their fight not just in the main Multiverse, but in others as well. Use the season's plot to bring Zordon back by pulling him out of another Multiverse and bringing him into ours for a couple of episodes. No Gosei/Tensou crap, no Overdrive Alpha, bring back the original, but an upgraded version of Alpha 5 too with a new voice actor. Then have the next season set in the main Multiverse and each other season in one of the other Multiverses. Realistically thinking: The show needs better writers, better composers, each new season needs to have an original theme song and catchy soundtrack music. Those problems need to be fixed first because the Power Rangers Franchise has given up its true identity and desperately needs to re-claim it. That will be the foundation for actually making any cannon corrections.
  11. Mnikolic

    Correcting the Power Rangers canon

    Megaforce and Super Megaforce were the opportunity to get the Power Rangers canon back on course. However, splicing two different Sentai seasons together and compressing them to a 40-episode format didn't help, it actually made things worse. Obviously, Saban couldn't do the anniversary season like it should have been done, so he opted to do what could be done. Gokaiger had references, tributes and even sub-plots of its previous seasons in it. It was the perfect season to adapt into a PR anniversary season. According to JDF, Saban could not license all the Ranger teams and it's the reason of why we got what we've got as the anniversary season and so much hyped, expected and anticipated Legendary Battle. Gokaiger even did PR references and their season was mostly focused on newer teams, while the older ones were featured in 199 Hero movie and in various episodes throughout its run. Toei basically delivered both footage and story elements for Saban to use. It was the perfect opportunity to get the cannon back on track and to wrap up some long-running storylines and finally fix some potholes that have been bothering the fandom for two decades. While I don't think Toei will ever do a season like Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, I think Saban has a lot of homework to do on that area. The next big Super Sentai anniversary season that will feature at least the suits from the past seasons should be fully adapted for Power Rangers and that means no pre-Zyu, and Dairanger (except Kibaranger) stuff and of course, exclude the newer unadapted Sentai seasons. The franchise needs a TV season that actually gives a crap about what came before. From MM 1 and all the way to the season that precedes the anniversary one. Well... that and actually a well-written current season, where the main characters and villains are actually involved in a proper storyline and have proper character and season's plot and storyline development. Also, whenever a chance, use at least sound effects and soundtrack songs from the early seasons if not the actual themes of previous seasons during battle scenes. However, for that, Saban needs to start actually caring about the canon rather than just making tons of money. Because if Saban doesn't give a crap about the PR canon, I don't think the writers and the producers ever will. Especially since re-visiting old plots and storylines involves the usage of classic characters from the classic seasons (both Saban's and Disney's) and that means Saban would have to open a giant money bag (especially for some of the MM cast members), so I would'n exactly count PR canon as "fixable". The only true way to "fix it" or "get it back on the track" is for every fan to just write their own versions of the TV series (for those that truly desire it and are true fans of the TV show and the franchise). Which is something that I'll be contributing to on my PR-based board once it launches. If not anything else, it could offer a decent closure to the PR canon issue-based discussions and a chance for those fans to move on to other topics about the franchise.
  12. Mnikolic

    PRE Update and Clubs!

    Nice updates, it's necessary to keep the board up-to-date. I'm actually thinking about bringing one of my old PR boards back, but in a new fashion.
  13. Mnikolic

    What was your favorite season of Power Rangers?

    From least favorite to most favorite - seasons: (Super) Megaforce Operation Overdrive Turbo (Super) Samurai Ninja Storm DinoThunder Mystic Force Space Patrol Delta Jungle Fury Wild Force R.P.M. Time Force Lightspeed Rescue Lost Galaxy Zeo In Space MMPR S02 MMPR S01 MMPR S03 I have not watched Dino(Super) Charge or (Super) Ninja Steel, so I can't judge on how good those seasons are. From least favorite to most favorite - movies: Movie 2017 (it sucked) Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie
  14. Mnikolic

    The Problems With Power Rangers Continuity

    For me, Power Rangers ended with RPM. I consider everything from Samurai onwards to be made for a new target audience. Seriously, no-one is going to make a TV show for 20-year old or 30-year old people (or older) who grew up watching it and became fans some 20 years ago. That's why I think that us, older fans should just keep the classic Saban and the Disney seasons close to our hearts and minds and just pass the torch to the new audience members. Life goes on and new shows come along the way whenever television programming is in question.
  15. Well, Super Sentai has been getting weirder and weirder with their Ranger suit designs lately. I have seen some Kyuranger clips on YouTube and the suit designs look wired, plus each Ranger in that season has a different Ranger name as if they belonged to several different Ranger teams. It's strange. The Sentai producers had had enormous success with Shinkenger, then with Gokaiger and then some other seasons that were obviously made with just their own audience in mind. It's clear they are sticking with that concept. And with Lynn being in charge of the writing/producing for Power Rangers, I think we just might see Super Sentai and Power Rangers go separate ways soon, because both are trying to be original and both are trying to tell a story with a theme that might work with/for their individual audiences. If Saban went for Go-Busters, I say that's great. Go-Busters was a great season and a great follow-up to Gokaiger. Plus it did some PR nodding. I wonder how they are going to adopt the Buddyloids since they played a major role in that Sentai season. It'd be nice if they left Beet J Stag in. We could finally see the first robot Ranger in action during a whole season, instead of just 1 episode.

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