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  1. The future of Power Rangers

    Going back to the seasons being tied together better might require Saban to bring out more money and that's not happening. MMPR had 60, 52 and 43 episodes in its individual seasons, Zeo had 50 and so on. Anything from Lightspeed to Wild Force had 40 episodes and anything NZ-produced under Disney was also a single-year season. So to get the seasons tied together better, PR would need to go back to single year season format, which means the series would either need to give up the 40 episodes format and go back to the 32 episode format in order to ensure better continuity connections and the team-up episodes between the current and previous year's team. That's not happening either because so far, the Nickelodeon contract has been working for Saban pretty well. The team-up spot has been taken over by the "Super" part of the seasons. It makes the show more affordable to produce. Plus there's Nick's "20 episodes per season" rule. So unless Saban finds another network which would be a good outlet for Power Rangers that would allow for the show to go back to a single-year season format, I don't see continuity being maintained, at least not the way it used to be. But that's also something called "Clash of the Red Rangers" and "Legendary Battle", which are both MINI CROSSOVERS, but it's still better than nothing.
  2. Introduce yourself!

    Welcome back, PRE! mihandj/mnikolic from the old board here - who stayed trough all the vB/IPB form software changes, even though most of them - at least for me - were always a surprise and even many versions of PRE, like OddEmpire and Henshin Empire. I wish for PRE that it gets a 100th member soon, and after that, we'll see... All the best!