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  1. Zephyrmon

    Introduce yourself!

    No actually. I don't laugh at people's pain. I said I was sorry about your year. I was laughing at the fact that you came back at all because there have been talks here and there about where former Pre members could be now and I remember bringing you up is all.
  2. Zephyrmon


    I saw you mention RE2 and I ran to youtube. First of all I didn't even know they were doing a remake. lol Second of all that means i'm gonna have to run away from that Mr X in HD now. He scared the heck out of me when I popped the Claire disk in and he came out of nowhere, but now that the graphics are better....Oh heck no! This looks absolutely creepy. haha! >_> Imma still play it! It's nice to come back to this after 6 and 7. What do you think was off @Balthazar ? The over the shoulder angle? Baby Leon? How dark it is? The station was a tad bit brighter in the old one wasn't it? Other than RE2, I didn't know they announced Just Cause 4! ^-^
  3. Zephyrmon


    KHIII FINALLY has a date! My gawd I was thinking it was never going to come out. Although the stuff in the trailer has me worried. 😞 Poor Aqua. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, eh. Will probably still get it since I played the other two. Gears 5, I always love me some Gears cuz Marcus. DMC5 i'm hella excited because I loved Nero so excited to see him again and wondering about his arm. I heard him mention Kyrie, so they are still together. I didn't like her character but I thought they were pure love! ^-^ Don't like his haircut though haha. CyperPunk 2077 and I was surprised by Dying Light 2 and Days Gone. And then Assassin's Creed Odyssey and totally jealous of one of my favorite gamers on youtube playing it already. Bah! All in all, lots of games i'm ready for. Oh and Fornite for the Switch (I think right?) Okay i'm done. lol
  4. Zephyrmon

    Introduce yourself!

    HOLY HELL MIKEY!?!?!?!?! lmao WELCOME BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK! lol And i'm sorry to hear about your year. :( my condolences.
  5. Zephyrmon

    VENOM - Official Teaser Trailer

    @Mesogog Does this work for ya? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Mv98Gr5pY ^I put a screenshot since it wont put the thumbnail of video.
  6. Zephyrmon

    Incredibles 2 Trailer

    It's about time!
  7. Zephyrmon


    @Danny ??? I don't watch this. I'm sorry. lol
  8. Zephyrmon

    Gecko Avengers! 🦎

    GET HYPED Y'ALL! 🦎🦎🦎
  9. Zephyrmon

    Teens React to Nothing

  10. Zephyrmon

    Lego VacuSort

    ^ I feel like Dyson would actually collaborate with them on something like this. lol
  11. Zephyrmon

    Burger King Chocolate Whopper

    ewwwww lol. Would make sense cuz ur a Mesogog.
  12. Zephyrmon

    Burger King Chocolate Whopper

    @Suzaku Yep ur right.....it's called the Kuro Burger and added with some squid ink!
  13. Zephyrmon

    Burger King Chocolate Whopper

    @MesogogHey, at least it's better looking than that black burger they created that apparently makes your poop nuclear green. >;O
  14. Zephyrmon

    Burger King Chocolate Whopper

    *whispers* all that chocolate! ;)
  15. Zephyrmon

    Lego VacuSort

    LOL I don't believe you! >;0