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  1. sowutifmahsnsux

    Children aghast as pelican swallows pigeon whole

    lol, dude i heard that on the simpsons, lisa said it
  2. sowutifmahsnsux

    Zyuranger / MMPR Dragon Ranger Helmet by PowerProps

    i am freaking jealous! awesome stuff!
  3. sowutifmahsnsux

    Children aghast as pelican swallows pigeon whole

    that's insane. i saw this video of an anaconda swallowing a HIPPO, but it couldnt digest it so it just spat it back out.
  4. sowutifmahsnsux

    Hey everyone, just joined

    thanks everybody! :happy:
  5. sowutifmahsnsux

    Guilty Pleasures

    hmm, i'm not afraid to defend what i like just becoz it may seem lame to others. so i really dont have any guilty pleasures.
  6. sowutifmahsnsux

    Hey everyone, just joined

    Hey everyone! I see this place has no introductions thread lol, so i'll just rant here. I grew up watching MMPR, and in my UNBIASED opinion, it is still the best season(s) ever. the acting was genuinely good, none of that terrible corny acting in the PR series nowadays. my favs: fav pr: tommy oliver DUH (esp green ranger ver), jason's cool too zord: dragonzord weapons: dragondagger, dude it was also a freaking instrument, other weapons havent even come close in coolness terms honorable mentions: dayem there are FIIINE and HOT women in PR! kimberly, catherine (omg her sexy accent), cassie, ashley, maya, scorpina lol, man the list goes on, i dont keep up w/ pr anymore, but theres always hot pr chicks in every series, omg i 4got dana my bad. well, cheers to everybody and have a nice day. Power Rangers for life.
  7. they fired imus becoz they lost sponsers. imus has been saying shit about all kinds of ppls for years. its all about the money. they shudnt try to make it as if theyre doin some righteous thing by firing him. no skin off my back that imus is gone though, could care less
  8. sowutifmahsnsux

    Deadly shooting at US university

    They shoulduve evac the univ after the 1st shootings. they didnt and look what happened. the dmg could have been lessened. what a horrible event. no doubt there will be backlash against koreans and asians.
  9. sowutifmahsnsux

    Study: Violent Video Games Don't Make Kids Violent

    guns dont kill ppl. ppl kill ppl. its always about being responsible. some ppl are just irresponsible.
  10. sowutifmahsnsux


    I'm finally 18 this year, and once more info comes out on this con, I may go. but none of my frends are hardcore pr fans, and im not gonna make the trip alone, so i'll make the decision sooner i guess. i hope this con is a huge success though, i love PR, especially MMPR and lost galaxy
  11. sowutifmahsnsux

    Post a pic of yourself

    http://www.myspace.com/sowutifmahsnsux everyone feel free to add me.
  12. sowutifmahsnsux

    Sam Raimi Confirms Spidey 4, 5 and 6!

    I cant wait to see Spiderman 3. it'll be interesting if they can keep making the movies interesting and worth anticipating. i cant believe spidey 3 AND pirates 3 is coming out in the same month! gotta see them both!