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  1. Blazing Fire

    Transformers Movie Sneak Peekaroos!

    My husband and I are going to see it. First it that, then the next week its HPOOTP and then the Deathly Hallows the next week. Looks like I have some busy weekends in July. WOOHOO
  2. There was someone who wrote a fanfiction about all the red rangers being kidnapped. Then all the girls from every team teams up to save them.
  3. Blazing Fire

    Who would you trade places with?

    I would switch with Tori and go after the other Bradley brother. LOL
  4. Blazing Fire

    Strength in numbers marathon on jetix...

    I stopped watching after they only showed the first episode of Thunder Storm. What was the point of showing the first episode if you weren't going to show the second one. I started getting disppointed after the one Space. I didn't even watch the last hour. They also showed Forever Red in the promo, but didn't show it at all. I didn't vote though because I forgot. It was almost like "What's the point?" I could watch this from downloading here. I got the premium membership from Megaupload for one year. That's all I can afford right now.
  5. Blazing Fire

    Recently went to the mall and.......

    Theres a store that not too far from me that sells stuff like this. They buy and sell used DVD's and CD. Recently I sold my Voltron DVD's to them and and made 24 from those alone. They have a whole section of just anime. I don't know what all they have because some of the titles are in Japanese. The guy at the store told me that the anime comes in and goes out almost as quick. An ex boyfriend of mine got an anime tape years ago and Ithought it was a little too violent for my taste. Then again I'm not really into it anyway. For some reason I have a hard time getting to a show when the lips don't match the words. It's just me though.
  6. Blazing Fire

    Most Embarrassing Thing You have Ever Done

    I did almost the same thing twice in the same school. Note to self don't get dressed when you're half asleep and in the dark. One time I went to school only to discover that I had taken off my pajama top and put on my jeans and put the pajama top back on. I did that one twice. The other embarrsing was when I was in high school, I put two socks that I thought were the same color again I was dressing in the dark. Only when I got to the bus stop and the other kids were laughing that I discovered that one sock was white and the other one was off white. I quickly took off both socks and had to without that day. I hate wearing tennis shoes without socks. LOL
  7. Blazing Fire

    Deep advice

    Man you make my husband sound like a man whore. He had 24 women before me. lol But he had been single for two years before he met me and was in a commited relationship for 2 years before that, but a male whore before that. LOL
  8. Blazing Fire

    Do You Watch Pr Much Anymore?

    I watch it 11:00pm and 11:30 pm Mon-Fri EDT. The reason I only watch that one is because I don't like watching mutiple seasons at the same time.
  9. Blazing Fire

    PR Bloopers

    I didn't see it either. The picture is grainy for me.
  10. Blazing Fire

    Post a pic of yourself

    Okay I can't figure out how to resize the picture so I'm just posting the link. :wallbash: Too bad I don't have those boots anymore. I really liked them. I wore them with my pirate custume. I made the mistake of wearing them on a field trip to the farm with my youngest son. But last fall, I took money from my student loan and bought clothes which included a pair of knee-high high-heeled boots and a pair of knee-high no heel boots. I only wore the high-heeled boots twice because I sprained my ankle falling down the stairs at home. And no I wasn't wearing the boots at the time. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v333/BlazingFire/blazevalday2.jpg
  11. Blazing Fire

    Post a pic of yourself

    Yeah the local shop had a special on Mondays, a cheese steak sub and fries for 5.95. Best subs around here. I won't get them anywhere else.
  12. Blazing Fire

    Post a pic of yourself

    I would but I just got a sub so I'm broke.:stinker:
  13. Blazing Fire

    Children aghast as pelican swallows pigeon whole

    Another reason it was banned from churches was because the church workers would have to sweep it up to keep people from slipping on it. At least that's what my mother said. When I got married, the church that we got married at said that we weren't allowed to use birdseed for the same reason.
  14. Blazing Fire

    How Long Have You Been A Member?

    I just joined a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know that this or any site existed for Power Rangers. I found the site after looking at You Tube and the site was advertised. I had to see what it was like. One of my other fandoms is dying and I was looking for a new home. lol
  15. Blazing Fire

    Children aghast as pelican swallows pigeon whole

    I'm just suprised that he hasn't been caught yet. It's pretty funny though. He hates piegons. He works on the dock of a trucking company and they roost above the dock doors. The guys get bombed with they try to load nad unload trucks. He hates his boss and the peigons so he decided to put them together. :wacko: