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Been watching and keeping an interest in Power Rangers since it began! Started an interest in Sentai and Kamen Rider in 2005. Have been a part of Power Ranger Empire in its former alts for some time. Just like to socialise and hang out with like minded friends to have a laugh and enjoy superhero and other programmes. :D 

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  1. Pinkie

    Stephen Hawking passes away at age 76

    A true legend and sad to see him go but at least he will never have to be physically limited anymore. His mind was brilliant and we are all blessed to have had him influence the world as we know it! World, universe and time and space are less without him! God rest his soul he deserves to be at peace! :)
  2. Pinkie

    How to feel old

    I think they felt worse...but yeah kids today will never know what walkman, vhs player is....times have changed hehe
  3. Pinkie

    Power Ranger Movie Bluray Winner!

    Don't we all but when we do its a nice surprise and a bonus hehe
  4. Pinkie

    Power Ranger Movie Bluray Winner!

    I guess my love for posting replying and pinkiing paid off never thought I'd win this, thanks. It's a pleasant surprise, sorry for delay in response been busy with personal rubbish events....love u all
  5. Pinkie

    Dino Charger! Energize! Kendra's Interview

    Favourite power rangers season and why? BTW nice to have you ^_^ back!
  6. Pinkie

    Who you gonna ask? Ask Pinkie!

    I have been somewhat activish I watched most of Megaforce then lost interest, Dinoforce I watched a bit but I watched both series because I loved Gosei Sentai Goseiger and Kyuranger the Japanese counterparts. I loved ninninger so watched some of the Power rangers Ninja Steel...I try to watch the newer series so I can compare and I must say I was a bit gutted that they didn't do a Pirate themed ranger series with Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger it was a travesty to turn that mode into Super Megaforce... they could have kept the rangers and did same as zeo to turbo, like say for the next chapter they need more powerful powers to stop the bad guys...well gutted the pirate theme had soooooooo much potential....but yeah I do watch. I would say early saban era is nostalgic favourite and I really did like the Disney era, they did a good job. Saban is cheesey as hell....they need to get their priorities straight learn from the new movie and some of the Disney seasons as the stories and plots were more believable weren't as campy as shit as what he's doing now. My hobbies offline is online gaming on my pc I play Lord of the Rings Online, Civillization....I do play alotta facebook games when I'm out and about lol. I hang out with my sister and my 10 month old niece, (too cute for words), Spend time with friends. Doing a mortgage course (boring, but good for job), I read and at the moment youtube watching alot lol....Cinema is a key factor and family time and now keeping my nose in PRE lol XD
  7. Pinkie

    Who you gonna ask? Ask Pinkie!

    Regarding what I want to see in a power rangers tv series is what I have been seeing the DC tv universe, the likes of Arrow, Flash and Supergirl, to name a few. There is the hero element but there is some proper writing and develop of the characters. You can really connect with them and it isn't cheesey or way over the top with the hypness. Don't get me wrong I love power rangers and I loved the early Saban error. But they need to realise there is an adult/late-teen market that they are missing on. I think the 2017 movie was a great start and I loved how they paid emphasis on developing the characters and not on the emphasis of powering up and getting the bad guys which was repetitive the MMPR era, which is fine if your under 10, but we are living in an age where all ages not just kids love superheroes. We need more than cuddly cosey friendship camp, we need a structured story, a real plot. I mean we know the rangers ultimately save the day but we need more development on how they save the day. It's needs to be edgier. When I see the DC tv series it makes me think every time that power rangers could be made for a wider audience. Not just kids. Less camp, cheesey half baked lines more strong characters, make them realistic not just bang spam thank you mam! Boom! they are perfect. If they translated/adapted the approach and structure of what happened in Power Rangers 2017 movie with some more power ranger action both morphed and unmorphed. Developed the relationships, you know I think they could be on a winner of making it more for everyone not just the under 10s. They would sell not just merchandise but could sell some series box sets etc. I am pretty much an open book, but my secret is whenever I say I'm going to gym, its not always the case. I dress for the gym but sometimes I just go to a McDonalds drive thru, order a chicken mcnugget medium meal with a coke/choc milkshake, depending on mood, and sit in my car in the parking lot eating it and watching youtube/playing games on my iphone. I mean I do go gym but lie about how often I do....:D
  8. Pinkie

    Who you gonna ask? Ask Pinkie!

    Define kid? Back in 2005 I was 18 years so the start of adulthood...I think starting University sort of open up what the adult world had to offer, allowed me to open up and see what I was missing. Allowed me to develop myself :) as for power ranger empire it was a place of refuge for me, somewhere I could talk about my enjoyment of power rangers and any such comic hero or sentai or kamen rider media without being seen as being too old to watch it or being told I was immature. So I guess my gullability and not having to hide who I am made it hard for me to be intimidated by the so called adultness of the situation. Mesagog made it great really, and alot of other members too, got to know them quite well and some are still to this day are facebook friends, whether in UK (where I'm from :) ) or the US or elsewhere. I was too busy enjoying making friends with similar interests and having fun to be intimidated. Plus I can honestly say now how can you be intimidated by people who are just as fun loving and crazy (in a good way) as you are :D
  9. Hello people, some of you may or may no remember me! I'm Pinkie, was with you guys all the way back in 2005ish I think which was 12 years ago which is kinda scary. Alotta happenings have occurred some good and some not so good. I'm still in the comic book filmness and power rangers some what. I thought for catch up purposes and if I can help in anyway, as I love to chat and and answer questions, I'd do an ask me anything here can be about my life, me or anything, i'm an open book! I'll even polish my pinkie blaster hehe Great to be back and I hope we can make a success of this reincarnation! So please ask away? Ask me anything, God knows I like to answer questions about myself and more! ^_^
  10. Pinkie

    Interview Mesogog!

    Well its great having PRE back and I'm glad you're using it constructively....xhugglesx
  11. Pinkie

    Power Rangers 2017

    What were people's thought on this movie? I really liked the zords, the suits grew on me and I thought it was interesting and quite refreshing how they introduced and focussed on the characters. This felt like the movie was more about them as people and that the whole power up, zords and Rita where the next level. I felt the film was more of an introduction of WHO the rangers were, their back ground and how opposites as people they came together...how the friendship was formed between them and not already ready to go like in the series. I particularly liked Zordon and how brutally honest he was in his opinion of the rangers. How the characters grew through out was good. I saw this as a set the scene for the movies movie. More like these are the rangers who they were, who they are now and how they developed friendship and the qualities that made them stay together as a team. I liked that this what was their true power and that without it they wouldn't be able to morph. I am looking forward to their being another hopeful movie as I think this has set the relaunch of the rangers quite nicely. It's different but good different and I think it's a good start for a newly revamped and fresh look at the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers...they've taken the story and turned it into their own...nothing like the rangers we knew into the 90s... Don't mind me just never really been able to discuss views people have had on the movie just thought it might be fun. I respect all opinions as everyone has different views....:D
  12. Pinkie

    Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I never really used to watch star wars...but I did see the prequel episodes and I started watching the older episodes as I saw them when i was younger and all details left my brain lol... But when I saw the Force Awakens it got me all powered and charged up for star wars...turned me from a casual Star Wars liker to a eager beaver for it. I cannot wait for the The Last Jedi, I really want to see what happens to Ren and the characters....Wanna see more of Skywalker and how he trains Rey.....want to know if my suspicions of who Rey is correct and I want to know just how far will Ren possible fall....the story really is beautifully constructed and was set up perfectly in the Force Awakens so lets fine out!!! I really REALLY want to see it! ^_^
  13. Pinkie


  14. Pinkie

    Introduce yourself!

    Thanks :D its great to be back ^_^ been toooooooooo long x

About Pinkie

Been watching and keeping an interest in Power Rangers since it began! Started an interest in Sentai and Kamen Rider in 2005. Have been a part of Power Ranger Empire in its former alts for some time. Just like to socialise and hang out with like minded friends to have a laugh and enjoy superhero and other programmes. :D 

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