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  1. https://venturebeat.com/2018/05/16/lionsgate-saban-brands-and-capcom-to-team-up-the-power-rangers-with-street-fighter/ Street Fighter characters are about to rumble with the Power Rangers. Capcom, Saban Brands, Lionsgate, and nWay have partnered to put the Street Fighter characters in the May update for the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game. Mobile games have become huge, accounting for half of the $137.8 billion worldwide game business, according to market researcher Newzoo. In the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game, players will be able to add iconic fighters — including Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Akuma, Cammy, and M.Bison — to their existing lineups of fan favorite Rangers and villains from Saban Brands’ Power Rangers franchise. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available to download now in the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. nWay adapted the actual models, animations, combos and abilities from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Capcom Japan directly oversaw this effort by providing insight into adding faithful versions of the following characters and example move-sets into the game. “This incredible Street Fighter and Power Rangers crossover shows how the competitive mobile gaming scene is thriving and attracting massive confidence from legendary video game companies and their passionate fan bases,” said Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay, in a statement. “Seeing Street Fighter characters duking it out with Power Rangers is truly new and magical. It’s never been done before and now we are making it happen in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, proving the rising trend of competitive mobile gaming in the West.” Available May 16: Ryu – Shoryuken, Hadoken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku; Chun-Li – Spinning Bird Kick, Kikoken and Hyakuretsukyaku; and Guile – Sonic Boom, Flash Kick and Sonic Cross. Available May 19: Akuma – Gohadoken, Goshoryuken and Zanku Hadoken. Cammy is being added to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars on June 1 along with longtime series villain M. Bison on June 15. Both characters’ move-sets will be announced later. Each of the new characters can be used for free while playing the limited time challenges. Players can also immediately and permanently unlock each Street Fighter character via in-app purchase starting at $5, or by opening in-game Morph Boxes and collecting character shards. “The collaboration between Power Rangers and Street Fighter feels like a dream to me,” said Yoshinori Ono, executive producer at Capcom, in a statement. “The Rangers series that I also grew up watching as a kid have crossed overseas, became Power Rangers, and is now well received by all ages. I can’t contain my excitement just thinking about the idea of our Street Fighter characters moving about in that world.” Saban’s Power Rangers franchise is the brainchild of Haim Saban, creator and producer of the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” hit series that launched in 1993.
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    Hawaii Eruption

    Thats some crazy stuff going on in Hawaii. What do you think?
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    Its here!

    This forum is meant for you to discuss all things Hasbro, but not Power Rangers related. If it's Hasbro feel free to discuss it!
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    The Hasbro Update

    Well it's official that Hasbro now has control of all things Power Rangers. While PRE will remain a Power Ranger forum, I felt we also should include some Hasbro too since at this point it's going to be unavoidable and will likely lead in some context to a new shared universe and even possibly a rebooted movie (again). So expect to see some tweaking being done to PRE to help better reflect what's coming. Power Rangers are now More than Meets the Eye!
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    Emporium Guidelines

    PRE will not be held liable for any transactions between members. Use Paypal or another reliable online source for payment. If you meet in person, unless you know the person well, do the transaction in a public place for your safety. If meeting in person to do the transaction, make sure the item is as described before giving payment. You may post reviews, toy haul threads, and other toy related awesomeness.
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    Cobra Kai

    A continuation of the Karate Kid saga. Have any of you seen it? If so what did you think of it? I think its really well done and hope to see a Season 2!
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2018/05/02/a-power-rangers-sequel-might-work-within-a-hasbro-cinematic-universe/#356832ec4e08 For the record, Hasbro probably didn’t purchase the Power Rangers brand (and some other properties) from Saban for a cash/stock deal valued at $522 million because they took a look at the results of the last Power Rangers movie and wanted in on that action. Lionsgate’s live-action Power Rangers movie, which attempted to create a sci-fi action franchise on par with Transformers or at least the last TMNT reboot, was an odd duck. It turned out to be pretty damn good, and that’s from someone who grew up hating the Power Rangers show. But it also failed to catch on beyond the pre-ordained fan base and flat-lined after opening weekend. The Dean Israelite-directed action fantasy worked as a buttoned-down and character-focused melodrama that brought to mind the superior 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The teen melodrama, a kind of “Breakfast Club meets Chronicle meets Pacific Rim” hybrid that put character over spectacle, inspired nostalgia for a time when properties like Power Rangers didn’t get the big-budget movie treatment as a matter of course, and when you couldn’t afford non-stop special effects so you had to create actual character arcs. But, it wasn’t a hit, earning just $90 million domestic from a $40m debut and crashing overseas for a $140m global cume on a $100m budget. I wrote last year about why a Power Rangers sequel would not be a good candidate to become a so-called breakout sequel. The reviews were mixed-negative, the film was the opposite of leggy and in the end it barely made 1.4x its production budget. As much as we talk about franchises like Austin Powers or Pitch Perfect going bananas after the first installment, break-out sequels (think John Wick, The Dark Knight or Paranormal Activity 2) usually have some semblance of good reviews, strong box office and a leggy theatrical run followed by a post-theatrical fan base. Give or take halfway decent post-theatrical figures, Power Rangers went 0/4. Now having said all of that, I’m sure Hasbro didn’t buy Power Rangers just to let the film rights collect dust in a filing cabinet somewhere. Does this purchase put the Power Rangers film franchise back in play, and if so what might it look like? Well, it’s something of a double-edged sword. Because while the natural inclination may be to reboot, you already have a singular film that, while not necessarily a new classic, has a decent fan base and an established lore. There is a case to be made in having some familiar faces in this alleged Hasbro cinematic universe that Paramount/Viacom Inc. wants so badly. Now offhand you might argue that Paramount and Hasbro will create their “cinematic universe” somewhat from scratch, with new movies based upon M.A.S.K., Micronauts, Visionaries, Rom and rebooted versions of G.I. Joe and (speculation alert) Transformers. But here’s the thing: We know audiences aren’t inherently interested in the very concept of a cinematic universe. But if you take a bunch of franchises they like and smoosh them together, you get an Avengers movie that makes 2.43x Iron Man 2’s global gross. And a big part of that is having specific versions of allegedly iconic characters who get to meet each other for the first time. It wasn’t just Thor and Captain America meeting up six years ago, but rather Chris Hemsworth’s Thor rubbing elbows with Chris Evans’ Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. While the other lesser-known Hasbro franchises still have some work to do in terms of getting audiences to care, you can make the case that the idea of a Hasbro universe which contains already-introduced versions of Power Rangers, Transformers, G.I. Joe and (possibly) Jem and the Holograms characters (in a movie that had enough money to let them be truly outrageous) would give it an advantage over starting entirely from scratch with somewhat arbitrary versions of allegedly iconic IP. I feel the same way about Fox’s X-Men properties becoming part of the MCU if the Fox/Disney deal becomes a reality. There is value in letting Marvel create their own X-Men. But there is arguably greater excitement in seeing (for example) Halle Berry’s Storm hanging out with Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther versus an arbitrary “new” Ororo. A cinematic universe is appealing precisely because it allows known movie characters to interact with other known movie characters. The Hasbro gimmick could be a cinematic universe made up of properties that were never meant to intertwine. Keeping established versions of Transformers, G.I. Joe, Jem and, yes, Power Rangers, makes this far more interesting. We’ll see if Power Rangers becoming part of the Hasbro family makes a new Power Rangers movie, be it a sequel or a reboot, more likely. Before we start talking reboots, do remember that last year’s Power Rangers opened with $40 million and earned an A+ from younger audiences, so that PG-13 rating and Batman Begins-ish tone clearly didn’t scare off the kids. The question is whether the best Power Rangers movie we’re probably ever going to get should also be the last one as well. But a Hasbro cinematic universe made up of previously established cinematic properties is more interesting than one arbitrarily built from scratch.
  8. http://comicbook.com/powerrangers/2018/05/05/olympian-conquers-high-jump-power-rangers-costume/ Well that's interesting. lol
  9. https://www.inverse.com/article/44498-power-rangers-david-yost-reunion-film-netflix-hasbro Click the link to check out the article. If there was an OG reunion what would you like to see from it?
  10. https://gamerant.com/power-rangers-unreal-engine-demo/ Not too long ago, original property holder Haim Saban sold the rights of the Power Rangers franchise to the toy company Hasbro, leading many to wonder what the future holds for the pop culture brand. While no new, major projects have been announced just yet, one fan’s dedication to the live-action superhero television and movie series has led them to create a brief Unreal Engine 4 demo depicting what a current-gen game based on the franchise could look like. As found below in the video from the YouTuber and self-proclaimed Power Rangers fan known as Larxian, those interested can get a gander at how a character model of the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers: Time Forceappears in a sleekly rendered environment built using Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately, though, nothing too exciting happens when it comes to any mighty morphin’ action, but the visuals are definitely top notch. For the sake of clarity, it’s worth mentioning that Larxian’s creation of Power Rangers‘ Pink Ranger in Unreal Engine 4 is not indicative of a new game on the way. As a matter of fact, the video in question is simply the product of the YouTuber “messing around” with the development software so that they can better learn how to use it. That said, there’s no doubt that the short little clip from Larxian shows that a highly polished Triple-A game inspired by the Power Rangers franchise can be done well if executed properly – particularly when one notes the high level of detail in all of the lighting, shadows, reflections, and textures on display in the fan project. If anything, the YouTuber’s work can serve as inspiration for a game with combat in the vein of the Batman Arkham series or one with even more over-the-top fighting mechanics such as a title like Bayonetta. There’s no telling how Zords would work, though. While there’s no new Power Rangers game on the docket, perhaps Larxian’s creation will spur someone at the property’s new rights holder Hasbro to green light the development of a title for platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime down the line. Until then, however, fans will simply have to bide their time with existing games inspired by the series, such as 1994’s fun beat-’em-up, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers for Sega Genesis and SNES. A new Power Rangers game has yet to be announced.
  11. Mesogog

    Hasbro aquires Power Rangers

    Shits gonna get weird thats for sure! LOL
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    Hasbro aquires Power Rangers

    https://www.powerrangersnow.com/hasbro-acquires-power-rangers-for-522-million/ Yeah you can probably scrap a movie sequel now. What are your thoughts? ---------------------------------- On May 1 2018, Hasbro officially announced their plans to acquire the brand in full for $522 million in cash and stocks. The move will give Hasbro full control over the Power Rangers property including entertainment, toys, games, and all other assets. Hasbro will now own all characters, naming rights, past seasons, and future seasons under the Power Rangers umbrella. Haim Saban will remain working with Hasbro for the time being in an advisory role. Hasbro will also acquire the remaining properties owned by Saban Brands, including Luna Petuina, Julius Jr., and more. Hasbro first became involved with the Power Rangers brand in February 2018, when they were named the master global toy license to produce products for the franchise moving forward. The first wave of those toys will still hit stores in Spring 2019 for Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the TV show’s upcoming 26th season airing on Nickelodeon. Power Rangers now joins Transformers and My Little Pony as brands owned in full by Hasbro, as they attempt to continue boosting their presence in the entertainment business as a way to fuel toy sales. Be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all your Power Rangers news. Fans can view the full press release, as published by Hasbro, below. Created by Haim Saban and launched in 1993, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. Today, Power Rangers is one of the longest running kids’ live-action series in television history with nearly 900 episodes produced to date. The TV series, currently in its 25th season with Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and feature films, including 2017’s movie with Lionsgate, follows the adventures of a group of ordinary teens who morph into superheroes and save the world from evil. Saban’s Power Rangers currently airs in 150 markets around the world and is translated into numerous languages. The first set of products from Hasbro will be available in spring 2019. Transaction Details Hasbro has previously paid Saban Brands$22.25 million pursuant to the Power Rangers master toy license agreement, announced by the parties in February of 2018, that was scheduled to begin in 2019. Those amounts are being credited against the purchase price. Under the terms of the purchase agreement, Hasbro will pay an additional $229.75 million in cash and will issue $270 million worth of Hasbro common stock for the Power Rangers brand and several other entertainment brands. The agreement includes all related intellectual property, category rights and content libraries owned by Saban Properties and its affiliates. The transaction is subject to a number of customary closing conditions, including obtaining required regulatory approvals, and is expected to close during the second quarter of 2018. The transaction, including intangible amortization expense, is not expected to have a material impact on Hasbro’s 2018 results of operations. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC is serving as financial advisor to Hasbro.
  13. Mesogog

    The health of the franchise

    Do you think the failure of the Power Rangers movie is an indication of the health of the franchise? I'm aware the toys sold very well. But the movie itself, while I thought was ok, was deemed an overall failure. I could say that maybe it's superhero fatigue. But it doesn't look that way either. The series has failed to catch back on fire and the canon after Super Dino Charge seems to have been retconned. While there is still a somewhat active fanbase online, they too seem to want to talk about anything other than Power Rangers. Should they just end the franchise before it becomes too much of a mockery of itself. Or has it become a mockery of itself? I'm pretty confident that if it ended in 2019 for example, that within a year or so most people would have moved on from it and not given it a second thought. Some would mourn its passing but they too would quickly look at something else. Where does Power Rangers go from here?
  14. Some of us have been with the fandom since the beginning and some showed up part way through the series. Does the show excite you any more or is it just kinda meh now?
  15. Mesogog

    VENOM - Official Teaser Trailer

    Yeah I saw that. It looks better than I thought it would! @Zephyrmon I see the thumbnail just fine in the original post. 😉