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  1. Introduce yourself!

    Thank you. Glad to see you back as well! PRE is here to stay even if it's a bit slow at times. :)
  2. Super Sentai

    Yep, weirder and weirder. lol
  3. Sonic Pickle Slush

    They have a Sonic 45 minutes from where I live. Actually they have like 3 of them. lol I like their slushies but this one...I dunno. lol
  4. Go ahead, let's hear it!
  5. Super Sentai

    I dunno some of the Sentai seasons are just getting weirder and weirder. lol. Doubt that's gonna change though.
  6. What was your favorite season of Power Rangers?

    Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force and SPD were good. And of course the first 3 seasons of MMPR and Zeo. Otherwise I feel it's a bit hit and miss.
  7. Next president of the United States

    Trump in 2016* to correct Zephy lol Unless the Democrats come up with a compelling candidate in the next year (and so far it's not looking that way), and unless Trump really really screws up, I suspect Trump will win again. Of course who knows. A lot can happen in a year. The US is facing a lot of internal turmoil. It's a hot mess. But sometimes to build a bigger and better house you have to tear the old one down. As long as it's rebuilt on a stronger foundation. Trump is unorthodox and I understand why some like and some don't like him. He's not a cookie cutter president that some expect. But that's part of what got him elected even with all of his faults. Democrats haven't been helping their case either. The next election will be interesting. Bernie won't re-run nor will Hillary for President. Joe Biden won't and neither will Michelle Obama or of all people Oprah. lol. That's all been publicly stated by them but of course people can change their minds so that could change. The problem the US is currently facing is that ideals have taken a sharp turn right and left. There is little to no middle ground. There is little to no cooperation. It's a my way or the highway sort of mentality. And thats the biggest problem we face. There is no real mediation or middle of the road being found. So people take a hard stance to the far right or far left and no one is searching for the middle ground so everyone is happy. It's a mess that will likely get messier before it gets better. Trump has shaken so much up and done so many different things good and bad...that the political establishment is in chaos and doesn't know how to deal with someone that's so erratic and out of their control. And believe it or not, to an extent that's a good thing. You want change, then you can't keep voting for more of the same old same old. Obama wasn't the hope and change many were hoping for when they elected him, so they voted for the next one that might shake things up, Trump. Yes, many Obama voters voted for Trump. America is trying to find it's identity in an ever changing world. It will find it I believe in that. But it's gonna be a mess for a bit before it gets better. How long? That's anyones guess. Change is coming but change tends to scare people. So expect this hard left and hard right mentality for a bit until one side or the other wins overall. Then the future of politics in the US will change for awhile until the next big event happens that starts to force change again. Its never ending.
  8. Black Panther

    I'm the white Black Panther. But not really. I'm more like Tony Stark if he let himself go. LOL
  9. Stephen Hawking passes away at age 76

    Even with his physical limitations he was still more than capable of becoming more than he was. He lived much longer than they expected him to. And he had a pretty decent sense of humor as well. The world is one less with him gone. Now, let's go at least a year before we lose Betty White. This year has sucked so far and we're only 3 months in. Please don't take Betty White this year at least. That's all I ask. :)
  10. Shadow of The Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer

    LOL Well it'll probably do ok. But I dunno. Video Games to movies haven't translated well for some reason. And this Tomb Raider series hasn't been bad but it doesn't feel completely fulfilling either. Almost like its missing something. I dunno. Hopefully the movie does well though. I'll probably still end up seeing it.
  11. Sonic Pickle Slush

    I know I saw that. LOL I love pickles but dang that just doesn't seem right.
  12. I know, it looks epic! Anyone else notice that Hawkeye isn't in the poster? There's a reason for it even though he's in it. He become Ronin, the alter-ego to Hawkeye after the events of Civil War. He's gone into hiding because he was labeled a fugitive after the events of Civil War. He takes up swords and is more than just a bow and arrow now. He has a new look as well. He's there...but he's being held back on purpose. His role is bigger than what it appears. Rest assured. :)
  13. PRE Team Update

    I mean come on Zephy. Even when PRE was gone and during its highs and lows you've been there. It's the least I can do.
  14. PRE Team Update

    @Zephyrmon They will be given control over all of PRE's Social Media formats and will be responsible for helping advertise PRE. And yep they will be baby mods with first dibs on becoming PRE Super Mods. :) And no, you started Tumblr so you can remain in control of it. lol
"We are PRE!"