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    This is one of the best ideas I've come up with on how to get things back in line with the franchise and essentially follows the Infinity War and Shattered Grid setup to an extent. It essentially completely re-writes Power Rangers lore and will bring back old villains as more powerful supreme beings and old Rangers as more powerful forms of Power Rangers. However while it re-writes PR lore, it does not destroy it. Since everything that has happened up to this point cannot be reversed. It's already written. However a new timeline will be created that picks up where Zordon is left on Earth with Alpha 5 since Ninjor was destroyed and thus there are no Power Coins. However there are Dino Gems and the Zeo Crystal. However there is no Power Grid or morphers yet to create the morphing abilities or Zords. Not initially at least. They are literally starting from scratch and trying to find a new way to stop this new threat. An event so catastrophic happens that it forces the Time Force Rangers out of retirement. An unexpected villain appears without warning into our timeline that is so powerful its went back in time to eliminate the likes of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd and all following villain leaders. That's right, ALL known previous villains are completely eradicated by this new threat. It sets itself up as the supreme evil being. There is no lesser. This is an entirely new character that has the ability to shift between time and dimensions and alter them. Thus always putting battles in his favor while destroying those timelines and other dimensions. Because of this he also can see many different outcomes to determine his best course of action at all times and exploit it. Who or what this new threat is, where it comes from, and how it got here are all unknown initially. The only concern is stopping it. It has also gone back in time and destroyed the creator of the power coins, Ninjor. The MMPR Rangers as you know them are dead. Thus completely destroying and changing all future events and creating a skewed timeline. The Time Force Rangers have been alerted to the severe change in events and timeline shift and are forced to all come out of retirement to help face this new unexpected threat. They will travel to various times in the distant past to find the pieces of the Zeo Crystal and Dino Gems. Going through new never before seen threats and experiencing a world they've never seen before. And not without casualties or serious harm. Once they find the Dino Gems and Zeo Crystal they are merged with the help of Zordon, Alpha 5 and Billy to create an even more powerful and new type of Dino Morpher. Essentially being a combo of the Dino Gem morpher and Zeo Morpher. The Morphing Grid is revealed to actually be the very energy source that gives all life its ability to, well, live. Except the Morphing Grid uses Power Ranger suits to amplify that energy to enhance human and alien movements and abilities and to power giant metallic machines called Zords. When the Power Rangers bring their Zords together, their suits are what are actually helping power the MegaZord and Zords. They are essentially conductors and distributors while in their suits in the Zords. The Time Force Rangers however are ambushed by the newly improved and severely undefeatable Psycho Rangers (they were created by the new villian) and are all killed as are Alpha 5 and Zordon. The new Dino Rangers, seeing this as defeat, as they were almost taken out as well, use the TF Eagle to escape. However with its time travel ability destroyed they are forced to face the new Villain in their present day and have nowhere to really run to for long. Before their deaths, they made the new Dino Rangers aware that there were other teams and to seek them out and/or their powers and combine them with their own to help fight this new villain. * The villain? The villain is Alex. The original Red Time Force Ranger who used Ransik as a way to hide his actual disappearance. Ransik was his first puppet and was helping him all along. Since then he's been traveling through time uncharted amassing the ultimate Power Ranger powers to use as his own. It's also why he can travel through time unchecked and without Time Force technology. He originally used it then was able to create a new technology where he can literally walk between dimensions and in and out of whatever time period he chooses. Alex erased all of Ransiks memory of even meeting him. Thus why no further mention is made. He's been in the shadows since. He's grown so evil and so powerful it's not likely that even Tommy Oliver as any of his previous Ranger forms, including his alter ego Lord Drakkon, can defeat him. Although Tommy could put up a good fight. Alex is the Ultimate Evil and Ultimate Power Ranger nightmare. The powers of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd (amongst other villain leaders), as well as the powers of the White and Green Rangers, amongst others. There is no greater evil or threat. * How can the Power Rangers defeat Alex? Together they can't. Only one Power Ranger carrying all powers can. A Power Ranger that shares all of the same traits. One that is good but walks the line of evil who also shares most of the same evil and good powers as Alex. That Power Ranger? Unknown. It currently does not exist as they have to be incredibly strong to be able to handle that level of power, knowledge, good, and evil. * Who are the Dino Rangers? Only 2 of the MMPR Rangers and 3 of the Dino Thunder Rangers. Billy (Blue), Connor (Red), Kira (Yellow), Zach (Black), Trent (White). They were pulled from their respective time periods and brought into the existing one. They will harness a new set of dino powers that combine the Zeo and Dino Thunder powers and energies. They will simply be known as the Dino Rangers. Their powers will be unmatched by any other Ranger team past or present. However even together they will not be powerful enough to beat Alex. Only 1 Ranger possessing all powers will have that ability. * Why can't all 5 defeat the one Ranger? Because, since Alex is the equivalent of all previous Villans in one person, having the powers separated actually compromises the Power Rangers. They may be able to hold him off but that won't last long. One against one. The most powerful Ranger if they defeat Alex will completely re-write Power Ranger history and ultimately take on the Zordon role for future Ranger teams and will be the source of those powers as the Morphing Grid will be directly tied into him/her/it. * While the Time Force Rangers are killed in the ambush, it will be found they cannot permanently die. They go into a temporary stasis due to the fact in the existing Timeline they are still alive in the year 3000. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Either way (and regardless of a few inconsistencies I made above I've tried to correct) the Time Force Rangers can be used to reset and straighten out the entire Power Rangers timeline and continuity. I think it's time to utilize them.
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    So basicsally everything would be different, with only the Zeo Crystal and Dino Gems being the only things preserved from the original timeline, along with a MMPR/DT team member combo? That sounds cool. But I'd rather come up with a plot where Time Force would have to figure out who would be the members of versions of the Ranger teams prior to and after our Time Force season in the new timeline. The TF Rangers would manage to track them down before they're chosen and give them information and instructions on everything. Of course they would not be listened to, however, this would make Alex go really evil on everyone and try to kill every potential/future Ranger. After being successful of killing portions of various future/potential Ranger teams, the remainder of the potential/future Rangers eventually regroup and form an elite organization after a few of them witness the killing of the Time Force Rangers. Somehow they would get to the research of the killed "to-be" Rangers and the killed Time Force Rangers and figure out how to find & combine the Zeo Crystal and Dino Gem technologies together, which would give the 2 MMPR Rangers and 3 PRDT Rangers the powers that you mentioned, this enabling them to form the first official Power Ranger team since Alex had begun killing potential/future Power Rangers. Also, it'd be better to save the Ranger timeline pulling ability for the end of the story (as in for the final battle) against Alex and have a "Legendary Battle" type of ending, but better-executed. Just go with the available potential/future Rangers from the new timeline after Alex had destroyed Ninjor and all of the Power Coins, which would eventually include the Dragon and White Tiger Coins. I'd not change the rest.
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    To sum up and better concentrate what I wrote above. In the future the Time Force Rangers get a distress from an unknown source that takes place prior to MMPR. The distress is actually sent from an unknown source that later we will find out was Alex who has gone the ultimate evil. The Time Force Rangers after responding realize Alex has destroyed Ninjor and all of the Power Coins except the White Ranger and Green Ranger coins, which he later will get anyways. They realize he has also destroyed Zedd and Rita and absorbed their powers. He has become the ultimate evil and he's getting stronger. The Time Force Rangers use their 'history tablets' to see who the MMPR Rangers would be and find them prior to getting the Power Coins. They also get the Dino Thunder Rangers from their timeline and take note of other Rangers and teams to find later. They get the Zeo Crystal and Dino Gems and create a new morpher and thus new more powerful Dino Team. They take 2 MMPR Rangers and 3 Dino Thunder Rangers to become that new team. The others help in other ways at trying to stop this new ultimate threat. All existing Zords are destroyed in the new timeline and new more powerful Dino Zords replace them due to the merging of the Zeo Crystal and Dino Gems. Ultimately the Time Force Rangers are ambushed and killed. The new timeline is now set. There is no going back and nowhere to run to. At some point they will need to face this threat who can still bounce between timelines and dimensions. A new Ranger will need to be found that can harness the powers of all Power Rangers to help defeat Alex. Alex cannot be saved. The new Power Ranger will become the new 'Zordon' once Alex is defeated and will be the new source of the Morphin Grid. We will also find out Zordon is not an actual name but elite title given to a supreme being on Eltar. 'Zordon' as we knew him had a different name on Eltar. The new 'Zordon' will again be a mentor, but also much more capable. In the year 3000 a new Time Force will emerge that will be much more capable to defeat characters such as Alex that may become the ultimate evil so they will have better control over the timelines and even dimensions. They will be the descendents of the new Dino Ranger team. All new Ranger suits will morph on them at will without having to say or do anything using nano technology. The Zords will also use nano technology to be able to repair themselves in battle.
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