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    Hey there, guys! Name's SkyeLinkHyrule, but you can call me Skye. I've been a PR fan for a long time and love to write and RP. I'm hoping to meeting you guys!
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    Picture galleries...
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    I hate to say it - but DekaRed is right. While the forum platform switches might have been a thing in the past and at least kept some of the discussion on the board going, that's long gone by now. Mes, you need to decide which forum platform you want to use to run your forum on. PRE needs to start offering something other PR-based boards don't have. I have already talked to you about this in anther forum update thread. I can't find the thread now, but if you have it stored somewhere, I suggest you to read it. Personally, I wouldn't mind if you went beyond Power Rangers. I already have with my board. Infact, I dropped the Power Rangers theme and direction altogether on my board and went RPG and fan fiction. You need to get the people's trust back. That isn't going to happen with constant morphs from forum platform to forum platform. If you can't think of anything good alone, find someone to help you out. I'm sure some of us have used an Administrator CP at least once. We might have good ideas too . Like DekaRed's post, let this post be positive criticism.
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    I'll start with a few older ones and we'll take it from there shall we? I hope this works...
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    I've always been a fan of your work, Sky. These are great but I am really digging the zord one. Now that is awesome.
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    Nice to meet you, Skye! Glad to have another writer and RPer in the midst! Name's Andrew! Welcome aboard
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    RB's activity has only dropped among users who were posting purely to call attention to themselves. Actual conversations have only improved as a result. And Power Rangers pictures are SCARCE. Only the Viewing Globe website ever had anything other than the same standard morph sequence and roll call screenshots that turn up on a Google Image Search. The question is what you actually want to do, because that and what will gain traction might be completely different things. But there is always a need to be addressed if you spend enough time immersed in the culture.
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    A few more things I wanted to say earlier, but I was rushed for time. - No one trusts you anymore. You don't burn bridges by repeatedly closing the forum & uprooting what members are comfortable with by repeatedly changing software platforms. In the world of Admins, even 1 platform change has been known to destroy communities. When you're upset at a service provider, you switch to another. And that's exactly what's happened. - What have you done to attract new users? You used to advertise and poach members from RB from when PRE started. There's no sign of you advertising there now. They do have an Advertising section. - Your board designs are terrible and tone deaf. In this day & age, everyone wants dark mode. You keeps using bright designs with ugly banners. I hope you can appreciate this honesty, and take it as positive criticism.
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    What Primo said. When I opened my own forum many years ago, I knew I needed to offer something different than what all the other forums were offering something. So I had song downloads, poor quality, so anyone who REALLY wanted a song would buy it. And we had a wiki for a while. Unfortunately it wasn't enough. That forum has since changed hands, and is now focusing more on anime and manga, more specifically of The Guyver. TLDR: If you ain't offering anything new, or advertising the fact, people will stick with what they know.
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    I think you've had a fun ride, but the public is telling you what they want. PRE's time has past. When you really think about it, there's no need for multiple websites that perform the same function. To appeal to the public, you have to provide a need that isn't being fulfilled. Focus on what Power Rangers fans need.
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    I thought the first episode was pretty good and we got introduced to a lot of characters who all got some development from Zoey, Ravi, Devon and Mayor Daniels to Blaze, Roxy, Commander Shaw, Nate, Betty and Ben
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    I have to say, it wasn't at all what I was expecting, given the way the Nickelodeon era has been run thus far. This one seems like an interesting story so far and I'm curious to see where Hasbro is taking the franchise now. One of the things that I really enjoyed was the subtle nods to previous seasons. The mention of Rita Repulsa was a nice nod to the original series as we enter into a new era. Also, the subtle nods to other seasons was nice too. As it is only episode one, I can't say whether or not I'm going to be inclined to continue watching episodes. I will, however, definitely be checking out the second episode! My interest has been peaked so far!
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    The board does look better like this. However, it'd be good idea to expand the Power Rangers-based sections and make them either superhero or sci-fi-based if the new era of the show doesn't give it a desperately needed power boost of popularity (and to the franchise) outside conventions and similar events. I also recommend sticking with IPB. PRE always looked & functioned best in my opinion each time it switched to it from vBulletin back in the old days.
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