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    Welcome Back! Rangercrew actually has a new board now on proboards. Its too bad they had to close down the original board. The owner couldn't have passes it on to someone else if he really searched someone out. But I guess now is am good time to bring PRE back . Most of the major premium boards are now gone, besides Rangerboard.
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    Hellooooo! It's so good to be back! New PRE means new name for me; it's Andrew, aka Sylar from the old board. It's so great to be back and to see some familiar faces popping back up *coughcough*Illy*coughcough* *coughcough*Danny*coughcough* Thanks for bringing the board back, Mes! I'm looking forward to being back
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    So I watched all her performances and i thought she was incredible. I haven't seen anything quite like it either. I understand the difficulties of talking without moving your lips and everything but singing that brings it to a whole new level. I'm glad she won. She deserved it.
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    Let's see if I remember how to do this also.... ILLLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, still got it. lol
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    It's been a long time so here goes. I'm Danny and I went by various names like Party Boy, Servo, and others I can't remember, because I'm old...er now. Gotta say it's great to see PRE making a comeback!
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    Whoo hoo PRE! I've always wondered if there would ever be a time that we would see PRE again. We've had some wonderful times in the past. In hopes to make new fond memories too. We can't forget you're the father of the meso babies too, Chad. They have grown up to be the terrors we all have feared and loved. Lol (did you forget already?)
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