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    I like the idea of a terrifying Lord Zedd but after everything Rita did I dunno how they would top it short of an R rating. lol I mean Rita killed people, used the teeth from one of the guys she killed (on the boat) and put those teeth into and as part of her staff, and blatantly said, "Kill him" to the putty about killing the officer at the jewelry store (which the putty did) and set the store ablaze. Amongst other things. I mean, she was pretty scary in and of herself. The problem is if it gets too dark it will prevent adults from letting their kids see the movie. And movie Rita was really pushing that line with her blatant levels of killing and violence. It also could alienate the fans of the show. I think Zedd should be menacing and a clear and present danger and threat...but without adding teeth to his staff if you know what I mean. lol. Maybe allude to things but never show them outright. I mean the guys teeth in Ritas staff was pretty blatant especially after seeing the dead guy. I think it's Tommy that should be the clear and present threat. Heck they could use Tommy as an analogy for bullying. I mean, have it where it's a girl who gets bullied because her name is male sounding and spelled. (But actually it's that way because it's in honor of her grandfather who died for a heroic reason.) But where she is bullied so much she starts to become the bully. Her anger and pain are then capitalized upon by Rita and Zedd and it's amplified. As are the green ranger suit and powers. There would be Putties (new and enhanced from Zedd), and there would still be a monster. The Dino Rangers (unmorphed) would come help them in a fight they are losing against the Putties and a monster. They would fight alongside the morphed Rangers. The morphed Rangers would wonder how those kids could fight the Putties unmorphed and do so fairly easily. They introduce themselves after the fight (but not as fellow Rangers), then leave almost as quickly as they came. This catches the attention of Zordon who wonders if they may have found the Legendary Dino Gems, which he thought were lost, around the same time as the other Rangers found their morphers; as their abilities screamed Power Ranger but they did not morph. They would not help fight against Tommy. The introduction of the Dino Rangers would lead into Power Rangers 3. They warn of a new and much more powerful threat coming at the end of the movie. The Machine Empire. And that the current zords and suits would likely not be powerful enough to stop them. That soon humanity will be put to the test as this will affect all of Earth. In a mid-credits sequence Time Force Red (Wes) comes back to warn Zordon through a hologram that the current Power Ranger group will be destroyed if things do not change course. The timeline has been completely jacked up, and that there currently is no hope of stopping the Machine Empire. That is until a mysterious figure arrives in the Command Center who calls himself, "Andros" and that he may be able to offer his assistance to Zordon and the Power Rangers against the Machine Empire. All of this would allow for the introduction of other Ranger teams, which Zordon explains that much like the Zeo Crystal, protect other planets and galaxies and that existing groups on those planets and in those galaxies are given enhanced powers and abilities in times of crisis by the Zeo Crystal. Although doing so then makes it more fragile and thus given a greater chance at destruction or capture. We also find out the Dino Rangers Dino Gems are actually pieces of the Zeo Crystal that broke off as it entered the atmosphere and because of their direct contact with those pieces, give enhanced strength and abilities to whoever holds them. In other words, by default, the 3 Dino Thunder Rangers are more powerful than all 5 MMPR Rangers combined and thus hold the greatest chance at beating the Machine Empire. So where did the Zeo Crystal come from? They are pieces of what was once known as Eltar. Zordons home world that was destroyed. BTW how did the Dino Thunder Rangers learn of this new threat? Simple. Because of their direct line to the Zeo Crystal, they saw visions of what was to come that the Zeo Crystal showed them.
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    Interesting idea of introducing the Dino Thunder characters. For me personally, one thing I really want to see in a potential sequel is a terrifying Lord Zedd. He scared the crap out of me when he was first introduced to the show when I was a child. It's only fitting that he's that scary now. Also, I'd really like to see some more of Zordon and Rita's history as rangers themselves. And just how Rita was tempted to cross over to the dark side. And obviously Tommy to be the ultimate badass. And I would agree, start off with him or her as a bully; that would definitely make for a more interesting transition after breaking free from Rita.
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    I do but the thing is I've got to put them on my phone. They are not on my phone directly. I currently know sorry, goodbye, hello, and anyway in Japanese. Still learning the rest. I was a member of RangerCrew and the funny thing is I didn't know they'd shut down the premium board until I came here. I miss my old RPG's to be honest but those are archaic by now.
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    The elves are hard at work fixing and tweaking things on PRE behind the scenes. But they also are hard at work getting PRE ready for Christmas! Even if you don't necessarily celebrate it, feel free to check it out! Keep checking back and you never know what you might find. Merry Christmas from PRE!
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    I've recently gotten a good job and still continue to write. I'm also on the qcing staff at TVNihon and I'm still trying to learn Japanese. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Ireland/Scotland. I loved the trip.
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