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PRE Update Nov 11th

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  • Official Power Ranger Social Media links added to the sidebar of PRE
  • RPG forum added
  • Live Streaming and Hyper Force RPG have been put under the 'Videos' tab at the top of PRE
  • More Hyper Force content added in the videos area including their own areas!
  • New content being added to ALL forums today and tomorrow the 12th
  • Advertising of PRE will begin this week. Also, feel free to advertise PRE as well! Don't forget you can share topics from PRE directly as well!
  • PRE has been updated to the latest version of it's forum software
  • Forum poll updated
  • The forums have been put back to a traditional layout. HOWEVER you can choose which forum display you wish to use on the top right of the forums on the main page!
  • Legacy Wars game promo spot added on the main forums. (It does not pay me if you download or click on the links. It's strictly free promotion for the game!)
  • Emoticons have also been updated and new ones added. There are 3 categories of them to choose from. Smileys, Food, and Creatures. Make sure to click on the Categories option when you choose to post a smiley and actually click on the category to see them all. Enjoy!
  • New Upcoming Events are being added to the calendar and Events forum
  • Modified the PRE graphic name at the top of the forum
  • Forum Layout Modification and Tweaking (Ongoing)
  • Other behind the scenes tweaks have been and are being done as well. This post will be updated if other changes are made today.

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