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Live Streaming arrives this next week!

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PRE will be launching Live Streaming directly from PRE this coming week!

The best part? All members will be able to take advantage of it.....for FREE!

So what does this mean?

Simple. If you want to share a Live Stream of yours with other PRE members you will be able to do so and it will be shown directly on PRE in the Video section.

So say you are at Power Morphicon and want to Live Stream it to PRE members, you will be able to do so. Remember this will not cost anything to do and it's simple to get started!

Or if I want to do a Q&A.....or I have a surprise guest that wants to interact live with you guys, it is all able to be done. :) 

It's already there and ready to go. I just have to flip the switch. When I do I will make an announcement and it will be available to use immediately. 

As you can tell I've been also doing some work on PRE. Yes there are some glitches I am aware of. Mainly on the skin side.

I'm doing the best with what I have at the moment. Things will keep improving. And its possible you may notice changes while you are here. DO NOT WORRY! They are temporary as I keep trying to play catch up. Remember, PRE was not ready to be opened yet but was opened early due to RangerCrews surprise closure.

Regardless, there are more surprises that will be announced soon. So stay tuned! :D



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