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Correcting the Power Rangers canon

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The first handful of seasons helped keep the Power Ranger canon pretty decent. But as each season went on, as Disney had control for awhile, and as each season become stand alone with some minor references to past seasons while also retconning them, Power Rangers has become a hot mess. 

The recent Power Rangers movie was meant to help fix some of that. But with a somewhat lackluster response at the theater a sequel is still in question. 

So how can we re-align previous seasons and events with the current one and help get Power Rangers canon back on course? The ending of Dino Charge essentially wiped out previous events. 

What do you think?

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Megaforce and Super Megaforce were the opportunity to get the Power Rangers canon back on course. However, splicing two different Sentai seasons together and compressing them to a 40-episode format didn't help, it actually made things worse. Obviously, Saban couldn't do the anniversary season like it should have been done, so he opted to do what could be done.


Gokaiger had references, tributes and even sub-plots of its previous seasons in it. It was the perfect season to adapt into a PR anniversary season. According to JDF, Saban could not license all the Ranger teams and it's the reason of why we got what we've got as the anniversary season and so much hyped, expected and anticipated Legendary Battle. Gokaiger even did PR references and their season was mostly focused on newer teams, while the older ones were featured in 199 Hero movie and in various episodes throughout its run. Toei basically delivered both footage and story elements for Saban to use. It was the perfect opportunity to get the cannon back on track and to wrap up some long-running storylines and finally fix some potholes that have been bothering the fandom for two decades. 


While I don't think Toei will ever do a season like Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, I think Saban has a lot of homework to do on that area. The next big Super Sentai anniversary season that will feature at least the suits from the past seasons should be fully adapted for Power Rangers and that means no pre-Zyu, and Dairanger (except Kibaranger) stuff and of course, exclude the newer unadapted Sentai seasons. The franchise needs a TV season that actually gives a crap about what came before. From MM 1 and all the way to the season that precedes the anniversary one. Well... that and actually a well-written current season, where the main characters and villains are actually involved in a proper storyline and have proper character and season's plot and storyline development. Also, whenever a chance, use at least sound effects and soundtrack songs from the early seasons if not the actual themes of previous seasons during battle scenes. 


However, for that, Saban needs to start actually caring about the canon rather than just making tons of money. Because if Saban doesn't give a crap about the PR canon, I don't think the writers and the producers ever will. Especially since re-visiting old plots and storylines involves the usage of classic characters from the classic seasons (both Saban's and Disney's) and that means Saban would have to open a giant money bag (especially for some of the MM cast members), so I would'n exactly count PR canon as "fixable". 


The only true way to "fix it" or "get it back on the track" is for every fan to just write their own versions of the TV series (for those that truly desire it and are true fans of the TV show and the franchise). Which is something that I'll be contributing to on my PR-based board once it launches. If not anything else, it could offer a decent closure to the PR canon issue-based discussions and a chance for those fans to move on to other topics about the franchise. 

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The problem is that Power Rangers is essentially consuming itself and almost becoming a mockery of itself. It's sad. 

It's hard to say what caused the movie to under perform, but we could be a seeing a slowing of interest in Power Rangers as a whole. 

I think if the fans worked together and helped write and re-write the canon, the writers of the show could help use that as a guideline. I dunno. If nothing else it helps the fans.

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