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Exclusive: Lord Drakkon To Return To Power Rangers

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A new teaser was revealed for an upcoming story event at the Go Go Power Rangers Panel at New York Comic Con. The image features a Power Rangers lightning bolt with cracks all throughout, titled with the caption 'The War Is Coming". The action kicks off with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 and BOOM! Studios is calling it the event the biggest Power Rangers story they've told yet.

Lord Drakkon is an evil version of Tommy Oliver, one who decided to go back to Rita's side after the events of Green with Evil. He succeeded in taking down their command center and even a few of the Rangers themselves, resulting in Drakkon taking the Green and White Ranger powers for himself.

Click the link below for more info! What are your thoughts on this?




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The comic books have really taking advantage of the more creative freedom they have. Having a mirror universe type au introduced us really cool. 

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