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  2. Rangercrew Closing/PRE Early Opening

    I hope you feel better. I noticed the social media additions. They are a good idea to add. I always wished you could share and like posts on Rangerboard.
  3. Rangercrew Closing/PRE Early Opening

    I agree. I was already working on PRE when I found out on the very last day that Rangercrew was shutting down. I decided at that point to open PRE early even though it wasn't ready. I wasn't expecting to open it until around November. I was in no rush because I've been busy offline too. Then a week ago I got slammed with both walking pneumonia and bronchitis. So I did a whole lot of nothing for half the week at least. So movement here was stalled as well. So while I've been building PRE back up when I have the time, I've also been trying not to advertise much until I get things in a better place. One nice thing is that I'm sticking with IPB. Vbulletin sucks ass now and Xenforo 2.0 is nice but still has a ways to go. IPB will also allow me to be more flexible in what I do and allow as well which is nice. I just can't believe they closed Rangercrew though. Umesh worked hard to get it to where it was at, only to have it shut down a few years later. Competing against social media is hard. However that's also why I have been adding quite a few social media sharing functions as well as abilities into PRE. So it'll ease the impact. Although the Facebook one I'm still working a few bugs out. I'm pretty casual about it all right now. But there are some nice things and surprises already here waiting to be unleashed...or close to happening. So people will need to stay tuned. PRE is being built with the social aspect in mind. You'd be surprised how much I've accomplished behind the scenes. I think once it all starts to get rolling more people will really like it.
  4. Rangercrew Closing/PRE Early Opening

    There were people that offered. I did myself.... But I was told the decision was made. They didn't seem to think it was worth paying for due to social media. I disagree though, because I think there are things about a board that you lose with social media. Boards are better for long discussion I think. And Rangercrew was still a popular board. I am surprised it got abandoned so easily. It sounded like O.92 wanted out since the rest of the staff are the ones that started the new version.Maybe he didn't want to pass it on? I know just handed it over to anyone might have been worrisome. But if he really looked he could have found someone. It will be interesting to see how the new board holds up over time. Its not just social media that has made it hard to start boards. Its the fact anyone can start a premium board at an affordable rate. Just starting a vbulletin or invisionboard doesn't guarantee you success.Of course most of the competing boards to RB are gone or shells of their former selves... So there may be more of any opening for someone to rise up. Its going to take time to rebuild PRE. But its not impossible. I see you haven't really advertised. I think thats good because its better to ease into this. Since there have been a lot of restarts in the past. Helpfully, more people notice the address is back online.
  5. Rangercrew Closing/PRE Early Opening

    I don't understand why they couldn't have done something either. If they needed financial help or something I'm sure there are people that would have helped. As well, part of the reason for a lack of major premium boards is because of the rise of social media of course. When PRE was first around social media didn't yet exist. Now just about anyone can start a Power Ranger Facebook page or Twitter account. I felt even if PRE doesn't get back to the size it once was, at least we can still have a fun community here again.
  6. The comic books have really taking advantage of the more creative freedom they have. Having a mirror universe type au introduced us really cool.
  7. Rangercrew Closing/PRE Early Opening

    Welcome Back! Rangercrew actually has a new board now on proboards. Its too bad they had to close down the original board. The owner couldn't have passes it on to someone else if he really searched someone out. But I guess now is am good time to bring PRE back . Most of the major premium boards are now gone, besides Rangerboard.
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  9. PRE Update Week Oct. 15th

    I've been sick the better part of the week and so not as much got done as I was hoping for but I still made progress. Live Streams are LIVE! To make one or share one using Twitch, Mixer.com, or Smashcast.tv go to the Videos link above and click on the Live Streams category. Once there create a new post and make sure to toggle on the 'Live Stream' option and Fill in the title and add the link to the video in the option thats provided when you toggle on the Live Stream option. It's simple! It's also a great way to help get your stream out there for free. On top of that it can be anything Power Ranger related. Such as a game stream or video stream of you or a place you are at. New Skin. I decided to go with the default skin and make improvements to it just because its less graphics heavy and should allow a bit faster page loading and fewer problems during a software upgrade. Some more tweaks are coming to it in the coming days and weeks just as a heads up as I get it more to where I want it to be. So don't consider anything final with it at this time. Forums. a few sub-forums will likely be added soon. Behind-the Scenes. I've been tweaking things behind the scene to help speed things up and improve layout. The Facebook log-in and share option may not be working properly at the moment but should be good to go soon. Contests. This is something many like. Keep an eye out as the newest and first one drops soon! Features. I'm currently working on adding some new member friendly features to help improve the social aspect of PRE. You'll like them and they aren't intrusive at all. There are other things on the horizon I'd like to announce but won't at this time as I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. Now, we just need to get the word out and more active members and we'll be set. To those of you that have joined and are active on PRE, a million thank yous. You are all awesome! --- Chad
  10.   IGN and Lionsgate present the hour-long live stream of the Power Rangers red carpet movie premiere! Featuring interviews with all of the Rangers - Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, and Becky G., - plus, Bill Hader, Elizabeth Banks, and all of the excitement that only a Hollywood red carpet could provide.
  11. Introduce yourself!

    You're welcome! It's great to see you and the others back! I had to take a bit of a break from PRE this week due to a nasty illness but I'll be back in in the next day or two more full time hopefully. You all will like what I have in store. So keep busy on here and showing the world that PRE and PR love! And help promote PRE any way you can. It has a ways to go but I know we'll get there!
  12. Introduce yourself!

    Hellooooo! It's so good to be back! New PRE means new name for me; it's Andrew, aka Sylar from the old board. It's so great to be back and to see some familiar faces popping back up *coughcough*Illy*coughcough* *coughcough*Danny*coughcough* Thanks for bringing the board back, Mes! I'm looking forward to being back
  13. Introduce yourself!

    Where have they went into hiding at? LOL I can totally relate! I've been fighting bronchitis and walking pneumonia this week. So I haven't went to work or done much of anything. It's sucked. My boys really arent into PR. lol. I've obviously failed as a parent lol.
  14. Introduce yourself!

    Just living life day by day with the hopes I don't go completely insane haha. Now I have a 5 year old daughter who likes watching Power Rangers because of me watching it on Netflix. In Space is her favorite followed by Time Force, Jungle Fury, and MMPR. I'm such a proud daddy that I can pass on my love for PR.
  15. Darci Lynne -- Americas Got Talent

    So I watched all her performances and i thought she was incredible. I haven't seen anything quite like it either. I understand the difficulties of talking without moving your lips and everything but singing that brings it to a whole new level. I'm glad she won. She deserved it.
  16. Introduce yourself!

    We need to find someone that was on RC staff or was a regular there for that answer.
  17. Introduce yourself!

    What have you been up to? And who knows why they shut RangerCrew down? Did they give a reason? I was kinda outta the loop on it until the last few hours.
  18. Introduce yourself!

    Hey hey!
  19. Have you seen the last season of Americas Got Talent? If so, and even if you didn't, then you likely saw ventriloquist Darci Lynne. She's 12, has no formal training and is self taught, and only worked on it for 2 years. Amazing. She is truly a site to behold and amazing. To me what's more amazing is that she sings through her puppets. Sounding way beyond her years. Truly deserving and absolutely amazing IMO. Watch her AGT performances below and let me know what you think?
  20. Impractical Jokers

    Do you like watching Impractical Jokers? What are your thoughts on the show?
  21. Introduce yourself!

    Hey Hey Danny!
  22. Introduce yourself!

    Let's see if I remember how to do this also.... ILLLLLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, still got it. lol
  23. Introduce yourself!

    DANNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say now. Lol
  24. Introduce yourself!

    It's been a long time so here goes. I'm Danny and I went by various names like Party Boy, Servo, and others I can't remember, because I'm old...er now. Gotta say it's great to see PRE making a comeback!
  25. Suggestions and Support

    If you have any suggestions or support issues with PRE, message me directly and I will deal with it directly and ASAP. Please DO NOT make support or suggestion threads or posts. When I get them directly there is a better chance of it being resolved and dealt with right away. Thank you!
  26. Post all of the latest Ninja Steel episode discussions here. Starting with this one!
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