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  3. I've always been a fan of your work, Sky. These are great but I am really digging the zord one. Now that is awesome.
  4. Here you go. This is what I get. It might be due to me using an older version of Mac OS, since my Late 2009 White MacBook decided that it hates the newer versions of mac OS. I sure hope the error isn't showing because I'm on 10.7 and Safari 6.1.6.
  5. Can you screen snap the error or let me know what it says? I'm not experiencing that problem. And thanks! :)
  6. How come it's giving me an error each time when I try to view a thread on the dark skin? BTW it looks great.
  7. I'll start with a few older ones and we'll take it from there shall we? I hope this works...
  8. A new skin is coming TONIGHT I think you guys will like. Most importantly, it's a dark skin! Check back shortly as it will become the default skin!
  9. Actually I'm currently doing some big behind the scenes testing. Where I think Power Rangers Now went wrong is eliminating the forum. I mean, I partially understand why they did it. It's a lot of upkeep and maintenance. However what they should have done is integrate it with WordPress rather than use a cheap comment plug in. I've been looking for some time on how to do that properly as it's normally pretty difficult to pull off. IPB, the forum software I'm using for PRE, has the ability to easily integrate with Wordpress. What this means is that if you log into IPB it will work on WordPress and vice versa and you lose nothing. Which means you can seamlessly use both softwareas if they are the same software. It's pretty cool. But I want to use it to enhance the forum as well. My biggest hurdle is getting a handle on how to use Wordpress. There is A LOT to learn. Currently my goal is to merge WordPress and the forum into a rather seemless experience without duplication. However because they share different backends there are a few hoops to jump through first. And this way if I ever wanted to unbundle them I can without members being affected. I'm not entirely sure I'm going this route yet. I may choose another route to go because I don't want to be considered just a Power Rangers Now clone or something. I want PRE to forge its own path.
  10. "I got it." Caleb exhaled through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare outward. He didn't like this idea any more than Braxton did. Then again, it didn't matter. They had no choice at this point. Getting Lindy back was the only thing that was important to them all. It was the only time that these two would share any common interest. Sacrifices were needed to be made. He blinked his eyes a few times before shifting them to meet Braxton's. A sharp pain shot through his forehead. Caleb had to fight the urge to wince or blink. He fought the urge to show any kind of weakness. Charlie smiled at Elena, giving her a small wave to follow her. "C'mon," She said, nodding her head towards Kat and Bridge. "They're going to show us the way to the safe house. Since you're here to protect us, I guess that means you have to come along." Bridge watched intensely as Caleb and Braxton. "Do we have to leave right this second?" He mused. "I kind of want to see this and how it works."
  11. Kyle's brow furrowed. He was the power? How was that even possible? This guy was becoming more and more strange with each passing second. His worry was growing more and more with each passing second. He shuddered slightly at the sound of the thunder rumbling outside. The rain was pelting hard against the window. Kyle felt the hairs on the back of his neck standing on edge. "What do you mean?" He finally brought himself to ask. "This guy is a manifestation of the Morphing Grid or something? What does that even mean?" --- Nakia bowed her head, her smile curling at the corner of her lips. With her head still bowed, she slowly rose to her feet. "Thank you, my empress." She lifted her head, being careful not to make direct eye contact with the woman standing before her. They are not equal, Nakia knew that. Rita, even having just returned to this world, was the most powerful sorceress she had ever learned of. She was humbled to be accepted as her faithful servant. Nakia knew that from this moment forward, she would spend the rest of her days learning from her.
  12. Sam sucked in air through his teeth. He wanted so desperately to say something to her. Continue to tell her how wrong this was. That all changed when he saw her wipe away the tear. Ava had always been so sweet and so kind. It was something he had always admired about her; something that reminded him of his mother. He wasn't going to push this any further. At least not for the time being. They'd have to revisit this later. "I'll keep your secret," He said. "For now. But now you've got to do something for me. You've got to come sit in on this meeting with my father. I can only imagine what it is he wants." --- Liv smirked. Her arms crossed slyly over her chest. "Maybe," She said with a tiny shrug. "But then where would the fun in that be?" She scoffed. Her eyes rolled back so hard that she was worried for a moment they'd fall back in her skull. She surpassed the urge to snicker some more. "Right then," Liv sighed. She dropped her arms down to the side, her eyes locking with Del's. She stared at her puzzled for a moment. "Right then. What's crawled up your arse over there?"
  13. You're welcome. I really hope that you find a way to bring PRE back in its full glory. Maybe turn it into a website of some sorts with the board being integrated into it? I think you should really learn from Power Rangers Now, see and follow what they're doing and come up with your own concept. I don't know what else to suggest.
  14.   Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3 Zord Battle. Blue Ranger summons the Wheeler Zord (Gorilla) to battle the Gigadrone. Red Ranger joins the battle with the Racer Zord.   Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger) .
  15.   Power Rangers vs Needletron and Blaze in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3. The full morph sequence is featured for the first time in this scene.   Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger)
  16.   The Power Rangers protect the forest animals. Zoey learns about Nate's parents and improving the X-Bikes.    Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger), Colby Strong (Blaze Ranger), Liana Ramirez (Roxy), Abraham Rodriguez (Nate), Kristina Ho (Betty), Cosme Flores (Ben) .
  17. Nate creates the X-Bikes and Beast-X Cannon. Zoey makes a deal with the Mayor to protect the forest with the Morph-X powered bikes.     Cast: Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger), Abraham Rodriguez (Nate) .
  18. Power Rangers vs Roxy in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3. Roxy morphs into Ranger Mode to battle the Red and Yellow Power Rangers.     Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jazz Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger) .
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  20. For those that have contributed feedback both good and bad, thank you. Much of the stuff that was mentioned I was already aware of. But I honestly do appreciate the time you all took letting me know how you felt and what you thought. I'm still pondering what direction to take PRE. Some of the stuff that was mentioned such as possibly handing it over to someone else, changing from PR to something else, getting help, better themes, different content, etc in the past year I've tried with almost zero luck. About 1 1/2 yrs ago I brought PRE back from the dead. I originally started with the forum software you see now. But after a year of almost nothing happening no matter what I did, I decided to switch to Xenforo. Sometimes switching forum software DOES help. And I figured, "What else do I have to lose at this point.". The software itself is fine, but didn't help or change anything. I tried a new domain, with it for the same reason of "what else do I have left to lose?". After about 5 months I switched everything back. Those were the only noticeable changes in the past 1 1/2 years. Now if the forum had been busier none of that simply put would have happened. But that hasn't been the case and sometimes shaking things up works. This wasn't that case. @DekaRed I agree 100% with what you've said. The times have changed since PRE was what it was. The very things that used to be unavailable years ago such as social media, streaming services, etc. are now easily available. Rangercrew completely dumped the forum format and turned into Power Rangers Now and that's worked out for them well for the moment. PRE needs to re-invent itself. But that's a challenge given that @PrimoPiccolo I've looked into the gallery stuff like you mentioned. That's something I would have to look deeper into. Mainly because of storage space for the pictures, how they would be separated but easily available to find, and to filter out low quality images. Plus where to and how to get those images. I'll continue looking into it to see if there is something viable to work with both in terms of software and images and storage space. Right now, I just dunno. @Mnikolic I've tried your suggestions in the past year with zero luck. But trying to find the right format is tricky. If I want to watch PR clips I can just go to Youtube. If I want to look for PR images I can use Google Images or countless other image sources. In some case it might take some work but isn't impossible to find what I want. If I want the latest PR news I can visit Google News or Power Rangers Now. If I want to discuss PR I can visit Rangerboard, PRE or countless other forums or I can on Facebook or respond on various news websites and social media sources. If I want to watch full episodes I can buy the DVD boxsets or watch them on Netflix. The list goes on. I do have some ideas but I have zero clue how to implement them properly at this time. But the space is getting rather full. And people usually stick with their favorites making it harder, but not impossible, for others to compete. I have mad respect for all 3 of you. Seriously. You've been around since the early days. And just stopping in to give your input is greatly appreciated!
  21. After you have seen the episode let us know your thoughts!
  22. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Ranger Morph Sequence (First Look).   Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3 "End of the Road" premieres Saturday 8AM/ET.   Cast: Rorrie Travis (Devon / Red Ranger), Jasmeet Baduwalia (Ravi / Blue Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey / Yellow Ranger) .
  23. Power Rangers Ancient Knights A GoseiYellow Production Synopsis Power Rangers... the legendary heroes, known to the people of Earth and young children look up to. For many years, these spandex-clad heroes defended the planet from the evil forces who try to bring destruction for power and leave a legacy for the people to remember them and share the heroic deeds they have done for the city. People thought that the first Power Rangers were formed by Eltarian wizard Zordon and his assistant Alpha 5, involving five teenagers with attitude...but the truth is, they weren't the first Power Rangers, nor the first team that used the power of dinosaurs. Millions of years ago, early humans lived in harmony along with dinosaurs, building a royal civilization involving five kingdoms. However, that peace was soon interrupted when a demon king named Azaroth rose from the depths of hell. Serving as the leader of a dark civilization called the Black Order, Azaroth ignited an attack placing both the five kingdoms in danger and enslaving the dinosaurs and the people with them. However, a powerful sage named Owain had already had something up his sleeve. With his magic, he has created special armor, weaponry, and five colossal robots resembling five dinosaurs and imbuing the five spirits with five elements which represent the Earth into five small crystals, those elements are Fire, Earth, Water, Lightning, and Wind. Together, he has found five unlikely civilians after freeing them from Azaroth's cruelty and together they became the original first generation of Power Rangers. A war between them and the Black Order ensued and the rest of the knights of the kingdoms joined the heroes to help free themselves from Azaroth's wrath. With the aid of their new power, the Power Rangers managed to make Azaroth fall onto his knees and seal them away with Owain's magic, bringing peace and freedom for the five kingdoms and its dinosaur brethren. Unfortunately, this civilization would soon meet another disaster as meteors struck Earth, killing everyone, including the Power Rangers and all of the dinosaurs would soon become extinct. Years have passed and the Earth has evolved from a developing planet to a shining utopia and all of humanity has evolved with it. But then one day, an earthquake struck and the seal the first Power Rangers have cast and Azaroth and his generals were free and it alerted Owain, who was put in suspended animation after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Now in a new era, Owain created a new arsenal, including a group of knight-like keys called the Knight Souls and special devices called the Ancient Knight Morphers. Feeling Azaroth's power rising, he had little time left to recruit five future knights and train them to fight Azaroth and the Black Order. He managed to find one... the future Yellow Ranger, he must find four more individuals and bestow the power of the dinosaurs and become the next Power Rangers. And so, the story begins... Angel Grove, California, 20XX Ancient Knight Suits Allies: Owain: A powerful wizard and the current mentor of the current Power Rangers. Kimberly Ann Hart: The former Pink Ranger and current Gymnastics teacher at the Youth Center. Beast Morpher Rangers: Current team of Rangers fighting in Coral Harbor. When the Ancient Knight Rangers are in a pinch, Devon Daniels, Ravi Shaw, and Zoey Reeves come to their aid. Jason Lee Scott: Former Red Ranger and current owner of the Angel Grove Youth Center and Juice Bar. Adelle Ferguson: Co-owner of the Angel Grove Youth Center, previously called Surf Spot. Kamen Rider Zi-O: A mysterious masked crusader who shows up when the Rangers are in trouble. He is a calm, yet friendly person, but no one knows where he came from. Brock Hammer: A popular rich kid who loves to bully people out of his own amusement. His father is the CEO of Hammer Enterprises and has spoiled him to the core, making him the Rangers' biggest enemy aside of the Black Order. He thinks highly of himself and all of the girls follow and fawn over him much to the Pink Ranger's disgust. It is shown that he is a fan of the Power Rangers but doesn't know their identities. Harper Ashford: Brock's current ex-girlfriend. Pretty, popular, and also coming from a rich family, Harper is someone you think she might be as bad as Brock, but looks are deceiving. She is actually very spoiled sweet, preventing Brock from bullying the Rangers and always finding ways to cheer them up when feeling down. Professor Appleby: Formerly a teacher at Angel Grove High and now a professor at Angel Grove State University, despite her age, this teacher refuses to retire for she loves teaching and wants to continue on working to make sure everyone gets an education, regardless if people tell her she should retire and enjoy the rest of her life in relaxation. Headmaster Hayashimizu: The headmaster of Angel Grove State. He comes off as serious, stern and a skilled martial artist, using his disciplinary skills to make sure the students take their education seriously, but he knows how to have fun and encourage everyone to fulfill their dreams. Hayashimizu becomes suspicious of the Rangers and often tries to discover their identities when he has the chance. The Black Order (Villains): Lord Azaroth|Human form: Great demon king and leader of the Black Order. Freed from his seal, he has come back to take what is his. Amira|Human form: The right-wing woman of the Black Order and main sorceress. Beautiful and ruthless, Amira will do what it takes to earn Azaroth's respect. Goron| Human form: General of the Black Order and the strongest of all. Don't let his calm demeanor fool you, he is the most malicious out of all. Blackwing: A dark knight who chooses to keep his identity sealed. He stands with the Black Order and has enslaved the kingdoms and the dinosaurs years ago and now takes the task in killing the Power Rangers. He shares a deep rivalry with Goldar and believes he is the one who can claim the Rangers' lives. Goldar: Former henchman of Rita Repulsa. Once bumbling and now fearsome, thanks to Azaroth, he is now seeking for blood and his first target: the Power Rangers. He was granted a super form, which makes him more quick and cunning. Druids: The first foot soldiers created by Amira. Equipped with magic and swords, the Druids are quick, but not quick enough to deal with the Rangers. Golems: Amira's more advanced foot soldiers. Unlike the Druids, the Golems are bigger and can shoot flaming boulders at the Rangers head on. Arsenal: Ancient Knight Morpher|Closed form: The main transformation device for the Ancient Knight Rangers created by Owain. The morphing call is "Call of the Knight!" When not in use, they disguise themselves as communication bracelets.Knight Souls|Full Form: The Knights Souls are key-like trinkets for the Ancient Knight Morphers. Each Knight Soul embodies the Rangers respective dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus (Red), Miragaia (Black), Triceratops (Blue), Saber-Toothed Tiger (Yellow), and Ankylosaurus (Pink). There are other Knight Souls To activate them, the Rangers shout out, "It's Morphin' Time!"Dino Crystals: The Dino Crystals are five mystical crystals created by Owain. These crystals already have the essence of the five dinosaurs, he imbued them with five elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Lightning, and Wind, allowing the Rangers to channel both the essence and gain elemental powers.Ancient Swords: The main sidearms of the Ancient Knight Rangers, they can use their Knight Souls for full power and summon their Knight Power Weapons.Tyranno Knuckle: The Red Rangers' main power weapon.Miragaia Axe: The Black Rangers' main power weapon.Tricera Lance: The Blue Rangers' main power weapon.Tiger Slasher: The Yellow Ranger's main power weapon.Ankylo Arrow: The Pink Ranger's main power weapon.Ziku-Driver: Zi-O's belt-like transformation device. It allows him to transform into his Rider form with the help of his Ridewatches.Ridewatches: Pocketwatch-like devices that Zi-O uses for his Ziku-Driver to transform. Each Watch has a different Kamen Rider of each era which appears as armor forms for Zi-O's Rider form.Jikan Girade: Zi-O's personal weapon which he uses to battle off Azaroth's henchman and monsters. Doubles as a blaster and sword.Knight Cycles: The Rangers' main motorcycles.Zi-O Ride Striker: Zi-O's main morotcycle.Zords: Tyranno Knightzord: The Red Rangers' main Knightzord. Its main element is Fire.Miragaia Knightzord: The Black Ranger's main Knightzord. Its main element is Earth.Tricera Knightzord: The Blue Ranger's main Knightzord. Its main element is Water.Saber Knightzord: The Yellow Ranger's main Knighzord. Its main element is Lightning. (It's all yellow in the game)Ankylo Knightzord: The Pink Ranger's main Knightzord. Its main element is Wind.Ancient Paladin Megazord: The Rangers' main Megazord which is formed by the Tyranno, Tricera, and Ankylo Knightzords.Ancient Paladin Megazord - Miragaia Mode: When the Miragaia Knightzord takes control.Ancient Paladin Megazord - Tricera Mode: When the Tricera Knightzord takes control.Ancient Paladin Megazord - Saber Mode: When the Saber Knightzord takes control.Ancient Paladin Megazord - Ankylo Mode: When the Ankylo Knightzord takes control.Time Mazine: Zi-O personal mecha which the Rider claims it to be a time machine. Much is not known about where this mecha has come from.LocationsAngel Grove State University: Where the Rangers attend for class.Youth Center & Juice Bar: The main hangout and where Jason and Adele work and Kimberly teaches her gymnastic classes.Templar Base: Main headquarters of the Rangers and Owain's home. Referred to as the "Knight Chamber" by the team.Azaroth's Palace: The main base of the Black Order.Morphing SequencesCore 5 Rangers - (0:19 - 0:24) The Rangers show their morphers on their right wrists and shout out "It's Morphin' Time!", summoning the morphers' true form. They take out their Knight Souls and press the side buttons, powering them up and they shout out "Call of the Knight!", inserting the Souls inside their morphers and slam the armored plates on to activate the morphing sequence. Rider Zi-O - (0:22 -0:54) Zi-O activates his Ridewatch and places it onto his Ziku-Driver, shouting out "Henshin/Kamen Rider!" No God-Modding...period. Your characters will get hurt.2. Please leave the OOCness into the Discussion thread, any of it in the game will have to answer to me.3. Co-modding is welcome, if you have any interest, send me a PM and we can talk about it.4. You must participate in the RPG. If you are leaving, let me know and I will take over.5. This RPG is rated PG-14 which means that there will be blood and swearing in the RPG6. The Blue Ranger is the ONLY role that isn't gender specific. The rest of the Rangers are.7. Kamen Rider Zi-O will be joining the Power Rangers to fight the Black Order, so he is open for bios.8. This is not first come, first serve. I will choose who has the best bio.9. Relationships are welcome, but please keep them short and simple. No explicit scenes for this is PG-14.10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Ranger Designations: ??/Red Tyranno Knight Ranger: (Male only, Nationality - China, Korea or Japan)??/Black Miragaia Knight Ranger: (Male only, Nationality - Latin America)??/Blue Tricera Knight Ranger: (Male or Female, Nationality - American or Canadian)Akande Onyango/Yellow Tiger Knight Ranger: Taken by GoseiYellow (Nationality -African)??/Pink Ankylo Knight Ranger: (Female only, Nationality - European or Oceanian)??/Kamen Rider Zi-O: (Male only, Any Nationality)Bio Application:Name: (Full Name)Age:Appearance: (No Anime please)Ranger Designation:Elemental Power:Ranger Gear:Weapons:Zord:Personality: (1 paragraph at least)History: (2-3 paragraphs)Side Notes: (Optional) --------- My bio for the Yellow RangerName: Akande Onyango Age: 22 Appearance: Ranger Designation: Yellow Saber Knight Ranger Elemental Power: Lightning Ranger Gear: Ancient Knight Morpher, Knight Souls, Yellow Dino Crystal, Knight Cycle Weapons: Ancient Sword, Saber SlasherZord: Saber KnightzordPersonality: Akande is a serious individual who takes his role as a Power Ranger seriously, thus Owain putting him as the leader of the team. He's quite of a loner and prefers fighting the Black Order on his own rather than be on the team, not because of him refusing to get to know people, instead, he doesn't want people to get hurt for what had happened to his father during his fight with the Black Order. Aside from his seriousness, Akande is much of a fun-loving person once people get to know him more. He enjoys gymnastics and is often trained by former Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart and loves to watch superhero movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having to be one of his tastes and he even likes to spend his free time reading.History: Akande Onyango was born to a Kenyan mother who is a teacher and a Nigerian father who has served in the military for years. During his childhood, Akande looked up to his father who has protected the country and has risked his life in protecting the people who were caught in the war. He wanted to be heroic just like him, so he started to train himself in learning how to defend himself and the people around him and that prompted his mother to put him in martial arts training and in gymnastics where he began to become tough and quick, but also agile and flexible. Soon, he finds himself competing in karate tournaments and gymnastic competitions where he got to make wins and losses but he never gets the validation he had gotten from people to get to his head because all he cares about is self-defense and protecting the people around him.By the time Akande got older, he has graduated high school and was looking forward to college and he was enrolled to Angel Grove State University, where he found himself pretty much surrounded by large crowds, and he wasn't that sociable due to his studious streak and focusing on his martial arts and his gymnastics. He was met by his future Rangers, but he managed to keep to himself before he became the Yellow Ranger and he often spends most of his time watching movies on Netflix peacefully if not doing martial arts or gymnastics. As he got himself comfortable, he decided to make some friends for himself, but after the earthquake struck the city and the Black Order was freed, he was recruited by Owain who tells him about the Power Rangers and its history. When Akande began to remember the Power Rangers, he was only a small child when they first protected the Earth and he tells Owain that he has heard of the said heroes and the sage gives him the Yellow Dino Crystal, where he was imbued with the essence of the Saber-toothed Tiger, and possessing the elemental power of Lightning. After training with Owain, he was given the Ancient Knight Morpher and he became the Yellow Ranger.Akande didn't know what was going on, but he started to realize that he was now being put in the same position his father was in during his time in the war. However, it didn't take long for Akande's parents to find out about his identity as a Power Ranger and it started to worry them when they saw him fighting Azaroth and his army. One day, Azaroth unleashes an attack and it got his family involved where his father saw Akande being beaten by one of Azaroth's monsters along with the Druids. As he was about to be finished off, his father quickly ran up and took the attack which nearly killed him, much to Akande's horror. He was put under an indefinite coma which the nurses in the hospital were trying their best to keep the man alive. This caused a shift in Akande's demeanor and Owain tries to comfort him, but the new Ranger refused. Now, Akande is still fighting the Black Order for he had trained himself harder than ever, refusing to ever form a team, fearing that they might end up like his father did. But eventually, he will soon realize how important a team means for the Power Rangers.
  24. Welcome to PRE. And yay for another rper!
  25. Next month, the Power Rangers are coming to a console near you with their very own fighting game, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, which will feature all of your favorite heroes and villains as they engage in team battles to prove, once and for all, who's the best Ranger of them all. The Standard Edition, which is available to pre-order for $19.99, will only include the digital game download and the Green Ranger V2 skin. The Digital Collector's Edition, which is available to pre-order for $39.99, includes the digital game Download, the Green Ranger V2 skin, a Season One Pass, a Lord Drakkon Evo II skin, and the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger skin. Watch the gameplay trailer and the previous two announcement teasers below:
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