Power Rangers No More

During it's glory days, Power Rangers had numerous online forums you could visit. Ranger Talk, Rangerboard, Power Ranger Empire, RangerCrew, Power Rangers Network, and more. It was a fun and memorable time where many new friendships were forged and the online Power Ranger community took shape.

It was a time when BitTorrent and PRE were used to download episodes of Power Rangers as it was not yet on DVD. And music from the show was downloaded from the same sources for much the same reason. Where you could buy/sell/trade various Power Ranger merchandise or just talk smack.
However, with the rise of social media and the availability of streaming services, the need to visit the forums started to rapidly decline. Now Rangerboard is all that is really left that is truly somewhat active. And even then, it's largely just become a general discussion forum with minimal Power Ranger discussion.

Online Power Ranger forums are largely on the decline and being replaced by social media. As the official social media pages for Power Rangers largely took over. That has been an ogoing trend for years now.
No one knows what the future holds for Power Rangers anymore. After years of talk, Cosmic Fury ended up being the defacto ending to the series. A new young adult version is supposedly in the works. And the comic books have done a decent job at creating new stories and characters. 

Power Rangers as we know them however, are finally officially over. The series we have known and loved for 30 years. The series we have known and loved has reached its conclusion. However, the ending of Comic Fury does still leave the door open to another potential Netflix movie.
While the future of the franchise is still uncertain, its fans are forever. 
Power Ranger Empire, like most Power Ranger forums of its time, created many long-time friendships and memories. Some of the fans it attracted have went on to very successful careers in voice over work and comedy that met on PRE and kept in contact over the years.
No matter the craziness that came from that time, it was memorable for most everyone for a variety of reasons. 
As for the future of Power Ranger Empire. It's been dead for years now. Will it ever come back?
It's hard to say. Never say never. But if it does it will not be as an online forum. There have been discussions about bringing it back at some point. But with the future of Power Rangers now uncertain, it's hard to say in what capacity it could be brought back. Time will tell if anything does indeed happen.

Thank you all for the memories and friendships that happened along the way. 
May the Power Protect You All. For now, farewell fellow Rangers.
- Mesogog, Power Ranger Empire -

In Memoriam of all of the Power Rangers cast and crew that have passed over the years.